Submission at the Tower by Felicity Brandon

If hot erotica is what you’re after, look no further than Felicity Brandon’s novel, Submission at the Tower.

"This is not a love story. This is the story of the hunger inside of me which must be fed before it consumes me entirely…"


After a chance encounter with a handsome stranger introduces her to The Tower, an institution that trains women in submission, Janie McClusky is irresistibly drawn to the place. But admittance comes at a price, and soon enough Janie is utterly bare and fully on display, blushing crimson as the men at The Tower thoroughly explore her body, bringing her pain, pleasure, and shame as they see fit.

As Janie’s training begins, there is one man among the group who seems to know her own needs better than she does, and before long she finds herself yearning and even begging for his touch. But if she relinquishes control completely to this captivating stranger and allows him to break down her remaining defences, will there be any coming back at all?

Publisher’s Note: Submission at The Tower is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, extensive BDSM content, exhibitionism, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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“Now remove those panties,” barks a voice from over my right shoulder.

This order is so much firmer than the previous, it almost takes me by surprise. Instinctively I turn my head to see its owner, but am met by the hard stare of Shaw.

“Now, number sixteen …”

Still unsure which man had made the request I wiggle slowly out of my black satin panties. Moving them down my thighs, I allow them to pool at my feet, before stepping out of them and bending carefully to collect them in my hand. I notice to my shame that the gusset is wet and sticky from my own arousal and I feel my face colour again.

“What have you seen?” asks Shaw, not missing a trick, “bring them here, number sixteen.”

Reluctantly I lower my head and take a small step towards him.

“Not like that!” snaps a voice from behind me – the same one which had ordered the removal of my panties. “Get down on your hands and knees!”

The flush in my face flames at the sound of his command. I suspect my embarrassment is more from being so publicly chastised then from the demand, but nonetheless the effect is the same. I am suddenly a ball of mortification in front of these men – my new masters. I take a deep breath and fall silently to my hands and knees.

As I assume this new, more vulnerable position, the atmosphere in the room changes perceptibly. The air is now charged with palpable energy. The nervous ball of arousal in me drives me on and I arch my back shamelessly, pushing my ass and wet pussy out for everyone behind me to see. I am no longer particularly young and even though I work to keep myself in shape, I am still wrecked with the type of body insecurities that plague most people. Strangely in this most exposed of moments, I feel powerful, even in my submission. I know that every pair of eyes is on me, every pair of hands wants to touch me and every cock is straining to fuck me. The result is the most incredible feeling of wanton depravity I have ever experienced.

I glance up at Shaw. I can clearly see his hard length visible through his pin-stripe trousers. The desire to take it in the mouth and taste him is strong and yet the desire to submit to his will is even more powerful. Without being told I dip my head to my right hand and pick up my panties in my teeth. A low hum of appreciation rattles around the circle. Then, panties hanging from my mouth, I crawl as seductively as I can across to where Shaw is waiting.

Two things strike me. The first is how much harder it is to crawl with grace than I’d imagined. The unforgiving wood under my knees cuts into my skin, making each movement a temporary agony and the progress feel awkward and clumsy. I hope in vain that it looks lither then it feels, and yet somehow I doubt it… As I move drawing in deep breaths through my nose, the second thing becomes apparent. The smell of my own arousal fills my senses. The panties in my teeth seem to radiate it. I’m sure that everyone else in the room can also get the scent. I would no doubt be blushing furiously about this new shame was it not for my already humiliating predicament! And yet this humiliation is exactly what I’ve been craving for so long, my drenched pussy a testament to how much I am enjoying the experience.

As my mind dwells on the depths I have already sunk into since my arrival less than an hour ago, I approach Shaw’s feet and legs. Unsure of how to proceed, but sure that looking up at him is not an acceptable response, I wait on all fours in front of him, like an untrained animal. I squirm at the prospect that he may be making the same comparison.

Felicity Brandon’s writing credits:

Amazon #1 international best-seller of the salacious, erotic & romantic.

Golden Flogger Finalist 2016, Spanking Romance Reviews runner-up.

#BDSM, #spanking, #submission.

Wicked Pen Writer with Mr. Blackthorne.

18+ her books contain explicit material and scenes of intense D/s sex.

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Undercover Daddy by Katherine Deane

Please welcome Katherine Deane with her new book Undercover Daddy.


Twenty-five-year-old Alex Makowski wants nothing more than to live up to her father’s legacy on the police force, but when she bungles a major drug bust she ends up placed on administrative leave. Her chance to redeem herself comes in the form of an assignment working alongside Sergeant Connor Doyle, her father’s former partner and protégé.

Some of the contestants in a kink-themed charity pageant have been receiving ominous messages, and Connor and Alex have been tasked with going undercover at the event. He will be her daddy dom, and they will need to do whatever is necessary to play the part convincingly.

Connor jumps at the opportunity to take Alex in hand, and soon enough she is blushing crimson as her bare bottom is soundly spanked. But when the punishment is over she is left aching for his touch, and before she knows it she is writhing in ecstasy as her stern, sexy daddy brings her to a shattering climax over his knee.

Alex and Connor find themselves slipping naturally into their roles as their investigation gets underway, and when he takes her in his arms and shows her how a dominant man makes love to a woman, their passion is more intense than she ever thought possible. But when the mission puts both of their lives at risk, will their newfound romance survive?

Publisher’s Note: Undercover Daddy includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. (NC-17)

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 “Um, if you're going to spank me again, please don’t. I already went through two pairs of panties just getting ready for this thing,” she said.

“Naughty girl.” He chuckled. “I’ll save the rest of tonight’s spankings for when you act like you need it. Do you want Daddy to spank your naughty, little bottom in front of a room full of people?”

Her sudden intake of breath hissed and her cheeks reddened even more.

“How about if I take your bloomers down and punish you for making us late? I’ll take your lollipop away and tell you how disappointed I am in your behavior.”

She whimpered as he towered above her. God, he loved playing with this woman.

“I’ll spank your bare bottom right there until you beg your Daddy to have mercy. All those people watching you struggle and fight over my lap. Watching your cheeks redden by my hard hand. Listening to the smacks echo throughout the room. Do you want that, baby girl?”

“Oh.” Her breathing was rapid, and her chest fell and rose faster than he had ever seen it.

He had never pegged her as the exhibitionist type, but after this reaction he was willing to explore a little more.

“Dang it, Connor.” She grimaced and shook her head. “Now I need to go change my undies again. Stop doing that to me.”

He held up a finger, stopping her in her tracks, her eyes widening when she saw the gleam in his. “Give them to me.”

He pulled out and caught her with his right hand before she fell head first into the chair, scooped her up and held her small, still shaking body firmly against his chest. She sobbed, spent, and curled into him.

More about Katherine Deane

USA Today bestselling author Katherine Deane is a multi-published, top 100 romantic and BDSM author and romantic at heart. 

She loves cheese, red wine, chocolate, and snuggling up with her daughters’ kittens while reading a good book.

When not reading, or writing, you can find her knitting, sewing, crafting, or doing pretty much anything to keep her hands busy. She has taken over the dining room AKA craft room, much to her husband’s dismay. In one of her books, an energetic “craftaholic” would find herself over her husband’s knee for losing an important document in a pile of bi-cone crystals and mod podge. Her real life, and the people in them, give her plenty of ideas to work with.

Katherine has dubbed herself the queen of cheese. Not only is she a former Midwestern Cheese Head; she also loves to incorporate it into her books.

In her opinion, all romance deserves at least one cheesy scene that makes you cry.

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Motorcycle Master by Maggie Carpenter

Maggie Carpenter is back with another book! Motorcycle Master (Bad Boy Angel book 1) is the latest from this brilliantly prolific author.

He aches to fist her hair and crush her lips.

To consume her

To make her his.

Blurb: Marco D’Angelo is living a lie. Tall, powerful, brooding, and intimidating, he’s the muscle for a nefarious motorcycle gang, but he has been working undercover for the D.E.A., chasing a shadowy drug lord.

For two long years Marco has been forced to remain a loner, his life in constant danger, but when Kat Baldwin joins the club, he suddenly finds himself in a quandary.

Rebellious, raven-haired and green-eyed, wearing leathers that cling to her voluptuous curves, she takes his breath away. Though his keen instinct tells him there’s more to Kat than meets the eye, and she’s trouble with a capital T, he can’t ignore the intense chemistry blazing between them.

Faster than his bike can race, Marco is under orders to spank her, but when the punishment is over, she shocks him. Chastised women drop their gaze, but not the emerald-eyed vixen. She stares up at him with unwavering scrutiny, and just minutes later she dares to challenge him.

Warning: Motorcycle Master (Bad Boy Angel book 1) is intended for mature readers. 18 and over only! Scenes include spanking adult women and explicitly sexual situations. If such content may offend, please do not buy this book.

Buy links: AmazonKobo

Excerpt: Marco was walking at a snail’s pace not just to build anticipation; he was studying her. There was no fear in her unwavering gaze, and the slightest hint of a smile was curling the edges of her lips. His hard hand would deliver a hot sting even through her leather pants, and he had every intention of making the discipline count, not just because Kratos had ordered it, but for her own protection. If she pulled her crap on others in the club, they might do a whole lot worse than redden her backside.

He had a choice; bend her at the waist, or take her to the couch against the wall and throw her across his lap. She’d feel his strength if he held her against his body, but she’d suffer greater humiliation over his knee. Suspecting she’d need more punishment in the future, he decided to save the trip across his lap for another time.

Quickening his pace he strode behind her. Startled, she turned, and darting forward he wrapped his arm around her waist. Her yelp of surprise elicited a guffaw from Kratos, and though Marco was all business, as he studied her leather-clad curvaceous backside, he felt a surge of lust. Attempting to ignore it, he lifted his eyes to his boss and waited. If Kratos held up ten fingers it would mean he wanted Marco to blister her bottom, and Marcos suddenly found himself furious with the girl for pushing the envelope. He had no desire to hurt her. He had no desire to hurt anyone.

“You got a nice ass on you girlie. Maybe we should strip off those pants. On the other hand, your cheeks sure look good wrapped up in that leather,” Kratos declared, taunting her. “I’m gonna leave ‘em on this time. Mess up again though, and it’ll be your naked backside feelin’ the sting.”

Marco knew the man dropped his g’s for effect. Kratos wanted her to see him as street and tough. Usually he didn’t care. Sometimes he didn’t even watch when Marco exacted his discipline. Praying it didn’t mean his boss wanted a strict spanking, Marco said a silent thank you when Kratos lifted only one hand; the spanking was to be more a warning than a punishment. Considering the girl’s lack of respect it was lenient.

Opening his palm, Marco landed the first smack her right cheek, followed by a second, and a third. On the fourth she let out a squeal. He landed two more on the same spot for an even six. She squirmed, and he waited for her to settle before repeating his punishment on her left cheek, delivering the same number of slaps with equal force.

“Really?” she suddenly hissed. “I get it. You can stop now!”

Though surprised by her outburst, Marco didn’t respond. It was time to move his hand to the sensitive area where her thighs met her bottom. He tightened his hold. It was a signal for her to prepare, and he hoped she was smart enough to catch it. He heard a sharp intake of breath. She understood.

Lifting his flattened palm he let it fly, smacking without pause. There was no count, just the flurry of solid slaps, and when she let out a cry of protest, he added a few more to satisfy Kratos. He was done, but was his leader satisfied.

Hot trailer

More about Maggie Carpenter:

Award-winning and best-selling author Maggie Carpenter has published over fifty romance novels, and is the recipient of a number Spanking Romance Reviews awards spanning a variety of genres. Her readers describe her work as, romantic, funny, suspenseful, beyond a five-star read, exciting romance with a ton of surprises.

Her work includes a best-selling twelve-book contemporary cowboy series, Cowboys After Dark, (, a warrior fantasy trilogy, Warriors After Dark, ( contemporary love stories, and several Victorian romances. His Willful Bride was a #1 best-seller for several weeks and a BookBub Feature Deal. She is best known for her smart, witty, strong-willed women whobring unexpected challenge, mystery and humor into the lives of passionate, dominant men.

Maggie has a history in show-business both in front of and behind the camera, but moved from Los Angeles to live in the Pacific Northwest to pursue her writing. She is an equine enthusiast who rides every day, and writes until the wee hours of the morning when her eyes close only because they must.

This author loves to hear from readers. You can contact her through her website: To sample her work for free, go to,

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#SatSpanks - New Release! - Seeing Ronnie

Good morning and welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog. Today’s excerpt if from my latest book, Seeing Ronnie.

Let’s have a look at social blogger Ronnie Flynn who is on Seguro Island with Del Franklin. The afternoon before the party, she’s gone hiking but he noticed she didn’t take anything with her. He has just chased after her with a bottle of ice cold water. (NC-17)

When she stopped drinking, Del tilted her face up to his. “Don’t you ever speak to me like that again,” he said. His fingers burned on her skin and the heat of his stare made her itch in places that no man had scratched for a very long time.

She was she losing her mind. The island had made her take leave of all her senses.

Embarrassment quickly replaced her light-headed lust. With a strength she didn’t know she possessed, she wrenched her wrist free and pushed him away as hard as she could. He took two steps backwards to regain his balance and a grim smile spread over his face.

She put her hands on her hips and glared at him. “Or you’ll do what? Refuse to take me to the party tonight?” She spat the words and tried to skirt around him on the narrow path.

“I warned you the other day about the consequences of bad manners.” He caught her around the waist with his left hand and held her facing away from him. Then he raised his right hand high and brought it down on the top of her bare thighs with a loud crack that was more noise than impact.

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Coming Together: Under the Mistletoe by Ashe Barker

And now for something completely different – today we’re looking at the anthology Coming Together: Under the Mistletoe which features a short story by Ashe Barker who has been featured here several times before.

A collection of twenty-four pieces of erotic fiction & poetry edited by Delilah Night, Coming Together: Under the Mistletoe has been compiled to benefit charity. All proceeds go to the Project Linus.

The collection includes Ashe Barker’s short story, Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?

Blurb: Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?

She’s recovered, moved on. Her marriage is over. Or is it?

Cain has other ideas. Heather might have left him, fled to the wilds of bloody Scotland of all places to get away from him, but she never even signed the divorce papers he sent her. He’s wasted enough time and now he’s determined to settle things, one way or another. A decent spanking always used to work, but is it too late?

New year, new start. There’s only one way to find out…

Excerpt (PG)

"Heather, open up. I'm freezing my nuts off out here." The familiar voice rang in her head. Heather covered her ears.

"Hey, I know you're in there. Let me in."

She shrank into a crouch.

Moments later footsteps in the next room warned her that he had simply followed her treacherous dog around to the rear of the property and come in through the open back door. He was here, inside her mill.

The studio door remained ajar from when Mutt had charged from the room. Heather felt the man's presence before she saw him, since she refused to lift her head and face him. He crouched before her and took her elbows in his hands.

"So, Heather. Keeping busy, I see." His tone was soft, amused almost.

"What are you doing here?" Heather raised her gaze at last to meet his, and immediately wished she had not. He was, if anything, even more devastatingly handsome than she remembered, and her recollection of him was pretty accurate, or so she'd thought. "What do you want?"

"I came to see you."


"Because you're my wife."

Here’s a complete list of what to expect from the anthology – 24 sizzling stories and poems, and all for just $3.99

Santa, Kinky (Blacksilk)

Kid Comet (Delilah Night)

All I Want for Christmas is Sex (Sheryl Collins)

Carpe Marine Christmas Package (Muffy Wilson) 

Silver Bells (M. Marie)

Tugging Reins (Sonni de Soto)

The Twelve Days of Christmas (DJK)

Strip Dreidel (Rob Rosen)

Under the Mistletoe (Ramona Thompson)

Accosting Santa (Sommer Marsden)

A Thaw in Midwinter (Blacksilk)

The Green Lady (James Malin)

A Christmas Eve in Snow (Marcia Conover)

Summer in December (Tamsin Flowers)

Patriarchal Winter Night's Dream (Jaylan Salah)

Hush (Maria Duendi)

Winter's Majesty (Stacy Savage)

Christmas in Minneapolis (CeCe Marsh)

The Road on a Winter Hike (Sarah Jaylan)

Baby, It's Hot Outside (Delilah Night)

Frosty (Corbin A. Grace)

Adrenaline Rush (Robert Buckley)

Goosebumps (Stacy Savage)

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot? (Ashe Barker)

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Leather & Grace by Maggie Ryan

The wonderful, prolific Maggie Ryan is back on my blog today with her book Leather and Grace.

Quentin loves three things with a passion; working with leather, vintage motorcycles, and women who have chosen a life of submission.


Murder… Despair… Hope.

Quentin Doucet loves three things with a passion: working with leather, vintage motorcycles, and women who have chosen a life of submission. His life was perfect until the day Beth disappeared off the face of the earth. Unable to stay in the vibrant city of New Orleans, where the memories are just too painful and his sense of guilt is just too great, he walks away when darkness threatens to consume him. It is only his sense of duty that has him returning when his best friend and business partner Brody is laid up with a broken leg. Despite Quentin's insistence that he isn't going to stay once Brody is back on his feet, fate has other plans. The night he steps into an art gallery, he feels as if his eyes are opening for the first time in two years. The paintings on the walls stir his soul almost as much as the artist herself.

The moment Grace meets Quentin at her exhibition and looks into his eyes, she feels an irresistible urge to press her lips against the pulsing vein in his neck. When he later steps into the room as the leader of her first class in submission, she knows she wants to be his. He is an enigma that she longs to solve, but she's well aware that until he is free of the pain of his past, he will never be ready to step into the future. 

With the help of a detective who refuses to allow a killer to go free, Quentin and Brody attempt to unravel a twisting labyrinth of clues to bring closure to a case long relegated to the cold files. The swamps of Louisiana hide the sins of many, but when Grace disappears, Quentin knows he won't survive if she's not found alive. Will his instincts allow him to find the woman he's come to love in time, or will he lose another to the marsh's embrace? Are the fates that cruel, or will God's grace give him another chance?

Find out in Leather and Grace, a tale of BDSM, murder, suspense, love, hope, lust and exploration, from Blushing Books and USA Today bestselling author Maggie Ryan.

Publisher's Note: This tale contains adult themes, including spanking and flogging, anal play and explicit sexual scenes between consenting adults. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.

Buy it now: Amazon


"I knocked," Quentin said.

"Well, obviously I didn't hear you. You might have a key, but that isn't an excuse to invade my privacy."

"Look, I didn't know anyone was here. I just came in to get some stuff for Brody."

"That's not his laptop," Grace said, pointing to a small desk built into the wall. "Why would his be out when he's in the hospital?"

"I didn't even consider that," Quentin admitted. "Forgive me, I really didn't mean to invade your privacy." He looked down at the screen and said, "Does it help if I say that you are as good a photographer as you are a painter?"

"Not particularly," Grace said bluntly. "What would help would be if you get what you need and leave."

Quentin shut the lid of the computer and saw that she had turned away. God, the towel clung to the globes of her ass, the contours promising a plump bottom that his hand itched to both fondle and spank. Forcing himself to his senses, he moved to the desk and added the laptop that did have a power cord, though it was not plugged into anything. Placing it in the box, he moved out of the kitchen to find Grace standing by the door.

"I tried to find you yesterday," he said. "I wanted to apologize. Hell, now I owe you two." When she didn't say anything, he continued. "I was an ass, and shouldn't have given you the silent treatment, and was an even bigger ass when I did speak by saying what I did. You didn't deserve either." He was pleased to see her posture relaxing slightly, her green eyes no longer flashing in anger, but she hadn't smiled either. "And I apologize for barging in. I didn't even consider you'd be here…"

"Why? Did you think I'd run away after discovering that the next-door neighbor was… how did you describe him? Ah yes, an ass."

Quentin squashed his first instinct, which was to drop the box, pull the towel off her little frame and bend her over his thigh for a spanking. Instead, he took a deep breath and nodded. "Fine, I deserved that. However, when a person apologizes, it is expected that it be accepted with grace."

"Like the grace you showed me when I apologized last night?"

"No, as I said, that wasn't grace… it was me being an idiot." He took a step forward. "I won't barge in again."

She reached for the doorknob and then sighed. "I'm sorry. I don't know why I said that. It was rude." Removing her hand, she held it out. "Truce?"

Buy it now: Amazon

Maggie Ryan, in her own words:

#1 International and USA Today bestselling author for Blushing Books. I write both contemporary erotica and historical spanking romances. I enjoy writing about characters that enjoy the provocative D/S lifestyle of today’s times, as well as taking a step back into the past to write stories that take place in the Victorian era with age-play as a theme.

I live in the great Lone Star state with my wonderful husband. I have always loved reading. Growing up in a family with four children, it was difficult finding a place to be alone. I was probably one of the squeakiest clean girls on the planet as I would spend hours in the tub so I could read without being bothered. It wasn’t long before I began to make up my own endings to the books I was reading. From there, it just seemed natural to begin writing my own stories.

I never try to restrict myself to any one genre because there are just too many delicious possibilities out there and inside my head. I admit to being somewhat of a romantic, though, as my stories always must have a great deal of love, passion, corporal discipline and, of course, great, mind-blowing sex. I want my readers to be able to see, hear, feel and know the characters that I’m creating as well as I do when I bring them to life and transfer their stories to paper. I want my women to be strong of character but also strong enough to know that submission given in love and trust to your partner does not make you weaker, it makes you far stronger. I want my men to be sexy, strong, demanding alpha males who know how to take what they want while acknowledging it is a gift they have been blessed with by the women that have chosen to submit to them. I want there to be no doubt that they truly would die for the other no matter how others might view their relationship.

Connect with Maggie Ryan on social media:

Follow her on Twitter: @blushingmaggie


Or find her on Facebook

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Realizing Her Dream (w/ Laurel Jane)

His Passionate Pioneer

My Sassy Settler

A Little Sunshine (written w/ Abbie Adams)

Vintage Values (Corbin’s Bend)

Jewel’s Gems (The Red Petticoat Saloon)

Rescuing Ruby Red (The Red Petticoat Saloon)

Lilly Blossoms: Lessons In Submission, Book Three

Leather and Grace



The Wanton Widow by Maggie Carpenter

Maggie Carpenter is back this week with her book, The Wanton Widow. If you know Maggie’s thrilling style, you won’t want to miss this book!

Mysterious strangers. Murder and Vengeance. Blazing Passion.


Crackling lightening and booming thunder roar through the night, almost shaking the mansion. Lady Verity James, a widow who shuns society’s rules, is in her lavish boudoir with a secret lover when her austere butler knocks on her door. A foreign stranger, soaked through, is in the foyer.

His name is Dantae Fellini, and he claims to be the secretary to an Italian Count. Their carriage crashed, and Dantae has been sent to seek help. 

She offers shelter, but quickly discovers their accident was sabotage. What secrets do the men hold? Is danger now lurking in her home? And why does Count Cavaletti appear ill-at-ease, while his secretary, with his long dark hair and blazing blue eyes, make her pulse race and her face redden.

Suddenly her life is turned upside down. Surrounded by drama and intrigue, she is swept away in an unstoppable romance, finding herself subject to discipline and unspeakably wicked pleasures.

Please note: The Wanton Widow is an adults-only book depicting a fantasy that includes spanking an adult woman, graphic sex, bondage, and sensory deprivation. Strong stuff but worth it. It these subjects offend you, please do not read this book.

Buy links:

AmazonBarnes and Noble


“Forgive me, Verity, but you are astoundingly immodest for an English woman. Most I’ve met, in fact, all the English ladies I have met, would have been mortified to be standing in their drawing room in the middle of the night with a complete stranger dressed in their nighttime garments.”

“I can assure you, I am not your average English Lady, either in my title or as a woman.”

“This I can see,” he nodded with a wry grin, “you are quite unique.”

“As are you,” she quipped, “and I suspect you are making these inappropriate comments in an attempt to change the subject. Who is it that you fear? Who are you watching for so diligently?”

“How can you be sure Cyrus was right?” he asked casually as he splashed some brandy into a glass. “Perhaps he is mistaken. Perhaps the way the wheel broke makes it appear to be have been meddled with when it wasn’t,” he said patiently, handing her the glass. “Perhaps it really was an accident and all perfectly innocent.”

“And perhaps you’re standing down here staring out the window because you enjoy watching the rain pour on to the front lawn, rather than the back lawn,” she said sarcastically. “Please, Mr. Fellini, do not take me for a light-headed female whose only interest is gossip and fashion.”

“My goodness, so quick to temper,” he said, an almost scolding tone to his voice, then softening his tone, he added, “forgive me, I do not wish to offend or insult you.”

“Then, please, tell me, why did you wish to hide the coach after the accident?”

“Shall we sit down?”

“Don’t you need to keep watch?”

“I might be somewhat over zealous. It is, as you said earlier, a dreadful night. I can’t imagine anyone wandering through the storm searching for me, or the count, but I worry. Worrying is what I do. Some people must plan, some people can sleep through anything, some-“

“Some people have a need to know,” she said sharply, cutting him off mid-sentence.

“And that is you?”

“And that is me,” she said stridently, “and now you admit that someone might be looking for you.”

“Someone might,” he replied. “That I am willing to share.”

“Perhaps you could bring some life back to the fire,” she suggested. “It’s cold down here. Just enough to warm us for the few minutes we’ll be here.”

“Of course,” he said cordially, and placing his tumbler on the coffee table, taking the long steel rod from the frame in which it stood, he poked at the softly glowing embers.

But Verity wasn’t particularly cold; she was unnerved. Having him pay attention to the fire, rather than her, would give her a moment to collect her thoughts, something she desperately wanted to do. He was having that strange affect on her again. The sparks were flying between them just as much as they were shooting from the log he was spurring, and she didn’t understand why, or what to do about it.

“There, is that better?” he asked, returning the poker to its holder and sitting back down opposite her.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Tell me, Verity, what is it you want to know?”

“Everything, of course.”

“Everything? That’s quite a bit,” he said with a faint smile.

“Who is it that pursues you, and why?”

“Who? I’m not entirely sure.”

“How can you not be sure?”

“It could be one of several people.”

“You have several people wanting you harmed? Why? How long have these people been after you? Is the count really a count? Quite frankly, you appear to be more a count than he does. Are you both whom you claim? I insist on answers, and I insist on them right now.”

Verity knew her voice was loud and rising in pitch, and she also knew why. It wasn’t her unanswered questions, it wasn’t her insatiable curiosity, it wasn’t even that he and the count were mysterious strangers. It had nothing to do any of that. It was the rising erotic fever in her body.

Sitting across from him in front of the gently flaming fire, seeing the glow reflected in his extraordinarily blue eyes and feeling his magnetic pull, was more than she could bear. She wanted to taste the brandy still wet on his lips, she wanted to open her robe, lift her nightgown, and settle herself on the ramrod she knew was hiding in his trousers.

Maggie Carpenter in her own words:

Male dominance/ female submission. My passion. It is that which I write about, and my alpha-males range from down-home, hunky, spanking cowboys, to fantasy, sword-wielding, warriors, and of course, artful romantic Dominants who don't need dollars to melt their sweet subs, (even if a few of them have mega-bucks).

There's a little bit of me in all the stories, and The British Bachelor trilogy is based on a long-distance relationship I had with a British Dominant, James Collier. When he agreed to work with me on I AM A DOMINANT, I was absolutely thrilled. This book is a first-hand account of some of his more interesting experiences, including the amusing, and intriguing story of the first time he had a woman over his lap.

I am an old-fashioned romantic, complete with my own white knight fantasies, so a red rose and heart-felt sentiment is alive and well on the pages of all my novels. If you like to sigh, please, come on in.

Last but not least, I am blessed to share my life with a precious pup, and a gorgeous mare. All creatures great and small also live close to my heart.

BEST OF 2015: SPANKING ROMANCE REVIEWS (click on the titles to see the books)


(Contemporary Western)




(BDSM Medical)

His Willful Bride


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Bailey's Little Adventure by Summer Graytson

Part time erotica author, Summer Graystone, is stopping by today. Summer attends classes during the day and writes hot romantic erotica at night. When she's not in school studying photography, she also works as a portrait photographer at a small local studio near the beaches of Florida. 
She loves apple martinis (she just turned 21 and can’t get enough of them), Star Wars, The Vampire Diaries, the Originals, The Walking Dead and Smallville. She’s a gamer girl too. Animals are close to her heart, and she has a 3-month-old bearded dragon named Yoda (he’s green and white) and a dog named Nala who is a Terrier/Pomeranian mix.

He favourite thing to do is to write sexy stories that will melt your panties off, and emotional stories that will make you cry, and rejoice when the hero gets the girl in the end.

Today we are looking at her book, Bailey’s Little Adventure from Stormy Night Publications.


Even though she is an adult with a full-time job, Bailey loves role-playing as daddy’s naughty little girl. Nothing is more fun than dressing like a teen and teasing her husband, who is always ready to punish her properly before pleasuring her more than she would have thought possible. When she discovers that he would like to tie her up so that she is completely vulnerable and at his mercy, she trusts him to keep her safe, even when he pushes her past her comfort zone.

But Bailey’s perfectionism makes her insecure about their relationship, and when she makes a mistake that disappoints her daddy she panics and wonders if she could lose him forever. Can he prove to Bailey that even when things get really hard, he will always be there for his little girl with the love, guidance, and discipline she needs?

Publisher’s Note: Bailey’s Little Adventure contains spankings, sexual scenes, age play, elements of BDSM, and more. Tough stuff but worth it. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. This book is also available as part of a five-book collection entitled Little Haven.


I wanted him to spank me, let me cry, let out all the stress and tension from the day. But this was unexpected, and it was pretty intense. There were too many emotions running through me, and I was confused.

“Fine. It’s time for your punishment then. You know what to do.”

With something like relief, I went through the ritual of moving to the side, kneeling down, and laying myself across his knees. It was always the same, and it set off the same anticipation inside me. And the same sense of safety. This was what I wanted, and this was how it was supposed to be.

When I had settled across his knees, he set one hand on my back, the other on my ass. I wiggled against him, feeling his cock pressing against my side. It seemed impossibly hard and hot, and it excited me to know I could make him feel this way.

The first hit was hard, and I winced at the sting. My skin was already tingling and this smack lit me up in a way I’d never experienced before. It was still confusing, but being spanked like this was familiar and comforting.

The next smack made me cry out, the pain sharp and intense. Then he rubbed his hand over me, caressing me for a moment.

“You know you’re my little girl, Bailey. And you need to be punished when you misbehave, don’t you?” His voice was low, just as soothing as the hand rubbing my ass.

Before I could answer, he spanked me again, and my answer turned into a gasp. As he gently rubbed my skin, I squirmed as the pain subsided from sharp and stinging into something warm and delicious—like caramel topping on ice cream, thick and sweet, running down over the cool treat.

The heat sank through me, like it always did, pooling between my legs. Instantly I was wet and as much as I wanted the spanking to continue, I was ready for what would come next.

But Ian’s hand came down on me again, quickly followed by another slap, and another. My cries went from gasps and moans of pleasure, to tears and cries. This hurt, it stung, and my tender skin felt like it was on fire. I gritted my teeth, hands clenched in fists, enduring each slap.

“Daddy, please.” I turned, looking up into his eyes. Ian blinked down at me, his hand resting on the burning skin of my ass.

“You lied, Bailey. You know the punishment for lying is this, right?”

I nodded. “Yes, daddy.”

His hand moved in a circle over my ass now, and I thought he was done with the punishment. But then I froze. I wasn’t allowed to ask him to stop. Tears sprung up again, and I looked back to his face.

“I’m sorry… I forgot…” I sniffled. “It won’t happen again.”

“You’re right. It won’t.” His hand came down once more and I burst into tears. “I’m your daddy, Bailey, and I know what’s best for you. I take care of you, don’t I?”

I nodded, sniffling again. “Yes, daddy.”

Beyond the pain, as always, was relief. The tears washed away the adult stress of my day, leaving me clean and free, allowing me space to be the Bailey I wanted to be.

“I’m sorry, daddy. I promise to be a good girl.” I wiggled in his lap, just a little, testing him. Beneath me his thighs tensed, his hips rolling up slightly. It was okay; things would be okay now.

His hand moved lower down, fingers slipping into the cleft of my ass. I wiggled harder, but his fingers stopped. This was what Ian needed: control. Too much independence from me, and he felt lost. I struggled to lie still.

“Good girl.”

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Her Drill Sergeant Dom by Katherine Deane

USA Today bestselling author Katherine Deane is back. She’s been on this blog with several of her other books so today we’re going to jump right in and look at her latest novel, Her Drill Sergeant Dom.

He knows how to motivate her – and it’s not with push-ups


Twenty-four year old journalist Smyth McCullen is following the trail of a killer, right onto Fort Hancock Army training center. After two murders of young women just out of Basic, both under the same drill sergeant, Smyth knows she must join the Army to unravel the truth.

Little does she know that Basic is dangerous in more ways than one. Protecting her battle buddy, working through sixteen hours of grueling training a day, and following a potential bad guy, is nothing compared to falling for a dominant, undercover drill sergeant.

Hunter Jones is undercover, looking into the potential murders under Drill Sergeant Cage’s direction.  He’s been through many deployments, both public, and some not so public. He’s interrogated bad guys, fallen behind enemy lines, and is prepared in every way to act as a drill sergeant and save another potential victim. What he’s not prepared for is the sexy, young strawberry blonde who is definitely not eighteen.

As their attraction grows, they march one step closer to the end of the session, and imminent danger.  Can Smyth find the killer in time? Can Hunter protect the next target, especially if it’s Smyth?

Lovers of steamy romance, hot military heroes and plucky heroines will adore Katherine Deane’s hot new romantic suspense.

Her Drill Sergeant Dom is a fully written story with HEA and no cliffhangers.

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Free on Kindle Unlimited.


“Sara Warfield, you get your ass back over that bed now so I can whip you good and proper.”

“No woodshed, Seth?” She giggled and wiggled her ass, taunting him as she took her place.

“Oh baby, you have no idea the things I can do to you outside a woodshed. Spread your legs.”

She quickly obeyed and resumed character, her eyes flashing at him. “Well, it’s your fault the horses got away. You should have let me see that foal when I asked.” She stood up and placed her hands on her hips in a posture of pure defiance. “You’re not going to punish me for this. I won’t allow it. Damnit.” She added the swear word for good measure, and he had to fight not to grin at her.

“We’ll add a good mouth soaping after I blister your butt.” He shoved her face first down on the bed, and started spanking her with fast, hard swats with his hand.

“Ow, ow, ow!” She shrieked and tried to get out from under him, but he just pushed on the small of her back, and kept her pinned there.

“You better stop flailing your legs, young lady.” He gave her the hardest smack yet, and she swore at him again, while trying to wiggle away from him. “That’s enough hollering out of you.” He brought his hand down right between her legs and smacked her right in the center of her wet pussy, smacking her, but not as hard as his other swats had been.

She mewled and stilled below him, shocked.

“Hold still Sara. I’m going to spank you there again.” He spread her legs even further apart, and lifted her ass up.

“No, please not there. Seth. I’ll be good. I promise, I’ll hold still.”

“You’ll hold still for your belt whipping all right—after I spank your pussy.” He trailed his finger along the wet lips, amazed at the amount of arousal there. Yeah, she was loving this as much as he. “Now you hold still girl, and I’ll stop after two. Don’t you dare move.”

“Yes, Seth.” She trembled below him, fear and lust in her eyes, but a small grin she couldn’t seem to hide, even in character.  She raised her bottom for him, and spread her legs.


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Indebted Heart by Measha Stone

Please welcome Measha Stone to my blog. I hope you will stick around to get to know Measha better with the author interview at the end of this blog post.

A little bit about her: Measha lives in Chicago with her husband and children. A member of Romance Writers of America, Measha graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. Her vanilla writing has been published in the online magazine efiction and the DuPage Writers Group annual journal Possibilities. When she’s not writing, she’s reading and spending time with her kids – who are just as creative and crazy as she is.

Today we are looking at Measha’s novel Indebted Heart Windy City Book 3 from Blushing Books.

She works so hard to earn a place in the world, but all he wants is for her to find a place in his heart.

Genre: BDSM

Blurb: Alyssa Sanders has taken care of herself since she was too young to do so. But she’s all grown up and ready to get her life on the right track.  She heads to Chicago with her life savings and a few prospects. She expects to get a job, find an apartment and get on her way of settling down. What she doesn’t expect is to find her new boss not only severely attractive and Dominant, but the son of an old friend.

Alex Trebelli would do anything for his father, so when he’s asked to escort an old friend’s daughter to dinner he doesn’t hesitate to agree. Except the daughter isn’t the small town young woman his father described. She’s all grown up, full of beauty and curves, and a submissive nature that draws out his dominant side.

When Alex explains he won’t be her friend, he can’t just be her friend, he wants more, he wants to be her dominant, her boyfriend, she has to decide if she’s going to take the leap. She’s never been good at a full time D/s relationship, but Alex makes her feel safe and secure. She finds him easy to be with, even when he’s being overprotective and bossy.

Can she manage to put aside her fears of failure, and self-doubt and give them a real chance, or will she chose the safer route and keep clear of his sexy smile, and dominant ways?


"Seven." Alyssa croaked out. The bite of his scratches distracted her from the fire of his belt but only for a moment.

"Seven it is. Seven lashes then the belting will be over. No, don't pout." Was he laughing? "Once the belting is done, the fucking can begin," he promised her. She took several deep breaths. She felt his presence, could hear his words, but everything appeared further away. A buzzing sensation took over her mind and her body, a pleasant hum that drowned out the loud noise in her head.

The first lash struck, and she stumbled forward a step from the force of it. She jumped right back into place and bent forward a bit to push her ass out and steady her stance. "Nice," he said approvingly and the second blow crossed her ass and a groan escaped her. From the pleasure or the pain, she couldn't tell. It all mingled so well together she couldn't pinpoint where one began and the other stopped. The third and fourth lash came quickly, giving her no time to register the burn of the leather. "Your ass is so red, so brilliantly hot." He sounded out of breath as the fifth and sixth strike of the belt met the curve of her ass. She sucked in her breath at the sharp sting and moved up to her tip toes. "Back down, baby. One more." He waited until she was planted on her feet again.

She squeezed her eyes shut, both anticipating and dreading the last feel of the leather. Her mind reeled and her body hummed, it would all be over after one more lash. She didn't want it to end, but she trusted that he knew when to continue and when to stop. The snap of the leather echoed in the small hotel room before she felt the effect of the harshest lash yet. She cried out and stumbled forward, letting go of her hands she caught herself on the window ledge and took gulping breaths.

His hands were on her, rubbing her ass and her back while she focused on her breathing. "It's okay, baby. I got you." He helped her to stand and wrapped his arm around her. When had he taken his shirt off? She nuzzled into his bare chest, feeling safe in the warmth of his skin. He stroked her back and placed kisses to her head until her breathing calmed and her mind settled back into the present reality. Pulling back, she smiled up at him. His concerned look washed away with his own grin. "There you are." He brushed a lock of hair from her eyes.

"I believe I was promised a fucking?" She reminded him breathlessly, reaching up to kiss his lips. Her lips may have initiated the contact, but it was he who controlled it. His hands snaked into her hair, holding her firmly in place while his tongue demanded entrance. Every nerve fiber in her body exploded into action with his hot kiss. Her lips swollen and face flushed while he gazed down at her with fervor.

"Yes, you were." He kissed the tip of her nose. "But I have something else in mind first." Without any preamble his fingers were on her nipples pinching. She grimaced and squealed at the onset of the piercing sensation. "Good girl." He kissed her mouth tentatively and increased the pressure on her nipples. He released her, bending lower to take one breast into his mouth and soothe the burn he'd caused. His wet tongue lapped over the taut peak. Her legs felt wobbly, and the lust he ignited in her threw her off balance. She gripped his shoulders while he moved to the other breast again capturing it in his mouth and using the heat of his tongue to send her into another frenzy of erotic longing.

"Alex." She pleaded and he responded by nipping her with his teeth. "Alex!" She groaned, and he chuckled. "Please."

"Ah, there's the magic word." He made quick work of sweeping her up in his arms and carrying her the few steps to the king sized bed where he deposited her. She leaned up on her elbows watching him as he unbuttoned his slacks and dropped them to the floor, his boxers with them. She drank in his hard body with such desire she had to remind herself not to fling herself from the bed and tackle him to the ground.

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A woman given up on love, second guesses her solitary life when meeting a man who won’t take no for an answer and opens her eyes to an entire world of pleasure she didn’t know existed before him.


A headstrong, fiery woman seeks to fulfill her fantasies in all the wrong places, and it’s up to the security expert to tame her, and keep her safe.


Connect with Measha Stone on social media:


Twitter:  @measha_stone




Author interview – questions & answers with Measha Stone.

So first, of course, the obvious question. How did you become a writer?

I’ve been doing it since I was a little kid. I didn’t really think anything of it until my mom pointed it out to me much later.  In Junior High we had to write a short story for the open house, and all the other kid’s stories were one page, a few paragraphs, mine was the only one that took two pages and had dialogue and everything. She knew then I was going to be a writer. When she told me that story, I figured, hey, she’s right!  Silly, that I needed someone else to say it in order for me to know it, but writing stories was just something I did for fun, to entertain myself.

Are you working on a new book right now?

Yes. I’m working on a dark erotic romance. My first ever, and it’s terrifying to write because it pulls me out of my comfort zone of completely consensual spankings, and sexual encounters. On the other hand, it’s completely hot and exciting, so it’s a daily roller coaster ride.

How much of the book is realistic?

Hopefully, all of it.  With this series, I tried to convey as true of a BDSM relationship as I could.  People make mistakes, egos get in the way, and being in a BDSM relationship doesn’t change that- but how those issues are worked out is what’s different. There’s a lot of love and trust that goes into a BDSM relationship, and I wanted to convey that with this series. It’s not all red rooms and tainted pasts.

What book are you reading now?

I’m reading 3 books right now.  Seven Nights to Surrender by Jeannete Grey. The Truth about Him by M. O’Keefe and Taming Texanna by Alyssa Bailey.

Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.  

Blushing Authors have been a huge help, especially with this release. Everyone is so helpful and genuine. It’s been a great experience and hopefully the first of many.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I still have a day job, but in the off hours, if I’m not writing, or thinking about writing, I’m usually curled up with a book. If my kids happen to actually be home instead of off playing with friends, we’ll spend time together watching old sitcoms on Netflix, or having a family game night.

Does Prince Charming exist?

Yes! Everyone’s version of what he looks like is different, but he’s out there.  For some, he’s an Alpha male that won’t give an inch and is unreasonably strict, to other’s he writes poetry and sings her sonnets- and anything in between. I lean toward the relentless Alpha myself, and have been lucky in that department.

Which body part would you choose to get a tattoo done?

I celebrated my first book with Blushing Books by getting a tattoo of a heart on my right wrist.  I’m planning to get two more, another heart design on my ankle, and one on the top of my foot the words “Happily Ever After”.

The furthest I have traveled was to: Germany.

My husband was in the Army when we married and was stationed in Darmstadt, Germany. It was a great time, even though I was far away from family and friends. I was sad to hear the base has been shut down since then.

Do you like your handwriting?

Absolutely not!  My father always called it chicken scratch, and I have to agree. It’s horrible. I have a love/hate feeling when someone asks me to sign their book, because it’s just so bad.