Do As The Doctor Orders by Louise Taylor

Louise Taylor is back today with another one of her delicious historical novels, Do As The Doctor Orders, The Ruttingdon Club Series Book 4

The doctor is in - and Lady Cassandra's in trouble!


Lady Cassandra Martinbury has a big problem - her spendthrift father has bankrupted their earldom and left the two of them nearly penniless. The only way to save what is left of the family estate is for her to marry a man of means, but she draws the line at being forced to submit to the vicious Marquess of Radcliffe, her only suitor.

Feigning illness to avoid wedding Radcliffe, Cassandra comes under the care of Dr. Henry Sutherland, a Ruttingdon Club member and a specialist in the treatment of female hysteria. He can tell immediately that she is faking her symptoms, but the thought of a week with the beautiful woman at his private sanatorium is just too tempting to resist.

But Cassandra needs a decent, agreeable husband, not a week at a remote therapy spa, where there are few people at all to be found, let alone any unattached men of good breeding. Still, that is where she ends up, although she has no intention of remaining there. Her repeated escape attempts from the place find her over the handsome doctor's knee three times before she realizes that the man to save her and her father might just be right in front of her!

Publisher's Warning: Do As The Doctor Orders is intended for mature readers. 18 and over only! Scenes include spanking adult women and explicitly sexual situations. If such content may offend, please do not buy this book.  

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She lost count of the amount of blows he gave her, although she knew that her backside would bear evidence of his work. Her bottom must be glowing with all the attention he was giving it! Although she continued to wriggle and struggle, he did not let up at all. When this doctor gave a punishment, he meant it!

Real tears came again, for all that she thought she had cried herself dry while sobbing in his arms. The spanking was relentless, the sharp stings coming fast and furious while the blazing hot burn lingered long enough to be reignited by the fall of his hand again. She was the only one making a noise during the whole humiliating spectacle. He was grimly silent as he delivered her punishment, the only noise he made the smack of his hand bouncing off her poor abused backside.

Once she started to sob, however, the blows decreased. After a quick volley of perhaps ten more – she was far beyond being able to keep track of such things, such was the pain – he stopped. Instead of hitting her bottom, he started to rub it instead. That was almost as bad as spanking, to start, but the longer he did it the stranger she started to feel. The warmth of her backside spread, somehow, and began to focus itself between her legs. A strange throbbing sensation started there, and the urge to rock against the strong muscle of his thigh was getting harder and harder to resist.

What on earth was he doing to her body? And why – oh, dear Lord – why was there dampness between her thighs? She hadn’t disgraced herself somehow, had she, during the spanking? Had being punished like a child made her revert to a child-like control of her bladder?

Oh, it was too much to bear!

More about Louise Taylor, in her own words:

I'm Louise Taylor, and I love reading and writing historical romance novels! I’ve now written eight full length erotic historical romances, and all my novels are published by the lovely people at Blushing Books.

All my books have elements of power exchange, spanking and BDSM but none of my heroines are weak-willed or easily dominated - they make their men work for their love!

I live on the beautiful Welsh coast, and I love walking the cliff tops and visiting some of our wonderful historical ruins. I get my best ideas when I'm in the great outdoors and you can usually find me chasing after the piece of paper I've just scribbled my notes on!

I live in a late Victorian house with wonderfully high ceilings and no central heating - thank goodness for my fabulous fireplace! I'm owned by Alfred The Great, an enormous tom cat with very decided ideas about who gets to sit on the right side of the sofa and how long I am allowed to stay in bed in the morning.

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