Her Choice Always by Megan McCoy

Today I welcome Megan McCoy who lives in the heartland of America, surrounded by corn, soybean fields, country music and hot guys on tractors. At home, she raises kids and breeds two types of dogs, breeding Chinese Cresteds and poodles. She trains them all with a tender hand and heart, while saving her sternness for the alpha males in her books.
When not writing, her hobbies are gardening, canning, bike riding, bread baking, taking in strays, and seeking her own alpha male.

Megan’s first DD book, Her Choice Always was published by Blushing Books.



Holly and Eric thought they had the perfect DD marriage - but then they were found out.  Can they keep what they happily had and still live in the 'real' world' where people know? 

 Genre: Domestic discipline, romantic erotica.


“Over my knee. Assume the position.” He motioned and she looked into his eyes.

“Please?  I don’t want a spanking,” she said, stomach clenching. She didn’t want to whine, but she didn’t want what was about to happen either.

“Then you shouldn’t have done something to deserve one,” he said, almost cheerfully. “Buns up.  Over my lap. Now.”

Did he have any clue how hard this was to do?   Arrange herself willingly over his knee?  Opening her mouth to beg one more time for mercy or leniency or something, she saw his head shake slightly.   Holly let a small whimper escape, but then shut her mouth, and bent over his lap.

Hands forward, toes on the floor, for at least a second or two before she started kicking her legs.  The girls in videos she watched occasionally – just occasionally! really! - either got much less of a spanking than she did or had much more self-control. She tended to think it was the former. Nobody could spank as hard as Eric, she was certain.

Luckily for her, he didn’t spout nonsense like ‘hold still’ when there was no way she could.   Before very long at all, she’d be trying to cover her bottom with her hand and attempting to block that hair brush with her kicking feet, and vigorously wiggling, striving to slide off his lap.   She knew it, he knew it, and she figured secretly he appreciated her reactions to his efforts.   Just lying there and taking it would be boring, at least it was in the videos.  Why did they want them to just hold still?  She never understood it.

Plus, she always thought he’d paddle harder if she didn’t react to what he was doing, and who wanted that to happen?  Not this girl.   He paddled way too hard in any case, not that she could convince him of that, of course.  The few times she’d tried to tell him that, when he wasn’t spanking her, he just laughed and said “I know your limits and your bottom can take a lot more than I give you”.  Mean male.

“Huh, that’s funny,” he said. “I can’t see your butt. Pull your shirt up. I need a good target.”

Holly whimpered again, as one hand reached back to pull her shirt up, and he grabbed it while it was there, and held it in the small of her back.  This was not good.  He meant business.

She wiggled, trying to get more comfortable in this awkward and embarrassing position. He’d seen her in all positions, of course, but this one was not like sexual positions.  It felt way too vulnerable and she felt way too exposed, and they both knew why.  She wondered if he’d let her up if she said she had to pee? Doubtful.

“So explain to me in small words my poor male brain can comprehend why your butt is about to be lit on fire,” he said, rubbing her bottom with the cool wood of the hairbrush. She didn’t want to think of how good that felt.

“I’m sorry,” she gasped out.

“Not as sorry as you’re going to be,” he said cheerfully. Why was he in such a good mood?

What was worse, a pissed off male with a hairbrush or cheerfully determined one? Did it matter? The end result was going to be the same.  Pain in her rear. “Did I ask if you were sorry?” The hair brush rose and fell across both her cheeks with a loud crack that made her squeal and jump.

“Ow!” she complained.  He obligingly smacked her again and she wiggled.

“Answer my question,” he said. “Why is your bare butt over my lap?”

“Because you told me to put it there!” Holly wailed.

He cracked the hairbrush down again, “Is now really the time to have a smart mouth?”

“Maybe!” she sniffled, almost convincingly.

“Talk now,” he smacked her again in the same spot, “because in a few minutes you aren’t going to be able to.”

Getting to know Megan McCoy

What was your best date ever?

My best date ever was a possum date. He’d caught a possum in a live trap and we drove it out to the deep country to let it go. It didn’t want to go.  So after a half hour or so of twiddling our…thumbs…possum finally decided to go explore. Our exploring took longer.

How much of your books are realistic?

Do people ask this of murder mystery authors? Seriously?

What is your favorite line from a movie?

Independence Day: “We need to work on our communication” because we all do! No one communicates enough.

What is your message to your readers?

Go with the flow. If it works for you and your partner, it works. Don’t waste your time judging or worrying. Have fun with life!

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