A Taste of Wonderland by Allison West

Please welcome back Allison West with her new age-play novel, A Taste of Wonderland.


Alice Hall is a thirty-two-year-old writer at The Daily Chronicle. When Mr. White pays a visit to her boss and insists she visit Wonderland on assignment, Alice believes it to be a cruel joke. She soon discovers that Wonderland is nothing like what she read as a child. The owner of the Queen of Tarts invites Alice inside, feeding her delightful sweets in hopes that Alice’s article will focus on her pastry shop. It is not only dessert that the owner of the Queen of Tarts feeds her but also stories of Baylor, the owner of the local pastry competitor, The Mad Batter. He may be hot and single, but he also has a reputation for having a secret club catering to special “Littles” hidden within town.

Will Alice be able to get an invite to the secretive club and find the story that she desires to write? Despite the dangers, Alice is determined to satisfy her curiosity. Will her investigative skills be enough to keep her out of trouble or will she find her bottom bared?

Disclaimer: A Taste of Wonderland is a modern romantic contemporary adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, and is intended only for adults. This novel features the spanking of adult women, elements of age play, including anal play, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.

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“What will I write about, Bay?” Alice asked. She flipped over her half-written page, revealing a fresh piece of paper that had no writing.

“You’re the reporter,” Bay said and smiled. He was trying not to force his ideas on her.

She leaned forward, her pen once again in her grip as she stared intently at him, her gaze never wavering. “How about you tell me about your underground sex club.”

Sipping from his coffee, Bay choked on her words. “Did Tara tell you about that?” He shook his head. What he did in his private time with clients who asked for an invitation was none of Alice’s business. It would do nothing to help the town’s problem regarding tourism.

“She may have mentioned it after I ate the tart,” Alice said. “I remember everything that was expressed that night, including her attitude regarding the club. She’s jealous of you.”

Baylor placed the mug on the counter, folding his arms across his chest. He wasn’t sure he was comfortable giving Alice any further information or ideas for writing her story. “Maybe you should go.”

More about Allison West:

Allison West is a #1 International Best-Selling Author in Erotica, BDSM, Romantic Erotica, Sci-Fi, Victorian, and Historical Erotica. She also writes young adult novels under the name Ruth Silver.

Allison West has been inventing worlds and writing stories for years. Her favorite novels are those that leave a lasting impression, long after the final page is read. You can find more about Allison on Facebook and Twitter.

Visit her website here: http://spankingauthor.com/

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