Macie's War by Pippa Greathouse

Get ready to one-click: Pippa Greathouse’s latest book Macie’s War has just arrived on the shelves at Amazon. I’ve had a sneak peek at it and highly recommend it as perfect reading for a holiday weekend, or any time you want action-packed romance.

The Major and the spy. He was responsible for fighting for freedom. She was suspected of putting it at risk.


When Macie Welles followed her aunt’s wishes in intercepting a letter to General Howe, in January of 1778, she barely made it back alive. And she had no idea she would be captured by one of General Washington’s most fierce and trusted men, Captain and soon-to-be Major – Jake Wilde. When she was caught, a few days later, rummaging through the captain’s saddlebags, she had no idea her whole life was about to change.

Captain Wilde, forced to take her into his tent to strip her and search her, had no idea that, as he looked down into the pleading eyes of this dark eyed, golden haired, beautiful girl, she was about to steal his heart. Was she truly a spy? Could he possibly save her from the fate that awaited her now? Was it too late?

Publisher's Disclaimer: Macie’s War is a sweet love story, with elements of stern, domestic discipline. If this offends you, please do not purchase the book.

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“What do you think I should do about that?”

She met his eyes, her own dark and wide. Her mouth trembled slightly. “I…do not know, sir.”

“Do you not, Macie? I believe you do know. Can I just let it go, in hopes that you will not swear again?”

“Yes?” her eyes met his, hopefully. “Please, sir? I shall be more careful, I promise.”

He shook his head, tilting her chin upward. “No, Macie Elizabeth. It would not be in your best interests for me to do that.”

She was trembling all over, now. “Please do not spank me, sir!”

“And if I let you get by with it this time, it will happen again. And again. I believe I know you well enough to depend on that.”  He turned her and began to pull her across his lap, guiding her face down. “I want you to think about this, Macie, as I punish you. I do not expect you to be completely still, but I do expect you to try. I am more concerned that you remember this, and learn from it. Do you understand?”

A sob escaped. “Yes sir.”  She gasped as he lifted her skirts up above her waist, and tugged at the ribbon that tied her pantaloons, and cried out as he lowered them.

More about the author:

Pippa Greathouse has been writing since the fifth grade, after each student was given an assignment to read aloud a story to the class of her their writing.  One horrified teacher later and a class of students who thought the horror story was “cool,” and she was hooked.

Since then, the writing has continued.   She now is an author for Blushing Books, and still loves what she does. Her favorite genre is historical fiction romances, where men are “strong, Alpha men” and their feisty ladies who are in need of the discipline they are sure to provide. And historical fiction is perfect for that!

She has two supportive and fantastic children, and is married to the love of her life, who is her very own “Alpha hero” and her biggest fan.

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