His Forbidden Submissive by Brandi Evans

Brandi Evans is here today with her new book, His Forbidden Submissive (Restrained Fantasies, book one).

To find happiness, she must do something she swore she’d never do again. Let a man control her.


After beating cancer, Vivian goes on a mission to cleanse her life. First on the list, kicking her cheating, controlling husband to the curb. Second, she must discover the answer to a question that’s been haunting her. Is the love she harbors for Brock, her bad-boy brother-in-law, genuine or a chemotherapy-induced illusion?

Brock loves a woman he cannot have, his brother’s wife. To claim her would be a betrayal. He knows loving her is wrong but he can’t help it. So when circumstances bring them back together, he can no longer deny his forbidden attraction, and they unite in a fury of passion, lust—and bondage.

But Vivian isn’t prepared for Brock’s BDSM lifestyle, no matter how sexy he looks with his tats and leathers. After ten years with a controlling husband, submission is terrifying—but so is never being with Brock again.

Submission or freedom? No matter which path she chooses, her life will change forever.

Publisher’s note: His Forbidden Submissive contains adult material, including very strong language, depictions of bondage and discipline, and graphic descriptions of sexuality. If you do not care to read such material, please do not open this book.

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“Get on your knees, my pet.”

But, like with his last command, she hesitated.  A war must have been raging inside her, the conflict revealed in her darkening eyes.  She wanted to submit; she didn’t.  Maybe he could offer a little, um, encouragement.

“You got a good look at my world, but while you were taking everything in, I was watching you.  I got a good sense of what turned you on and what made you feel uncomfortable.  And now I’m going to use what I learned to help your inner desires come out and play, just like you asked.” He kissed her nose.  “I gave you a lot of liberty earlier. I wanted you free to ask questions, see everything, but that liberty ended when you gave yourself to me. From here on out, you do what I say when I say. Is that understood, sub? Say yes, Sir if you understand.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.” He stroked an index finger against her temple, cheek, and neck. “Do you remember your safe word?”

She nodded.

“I want to hear you say it.”

“Red, Sir,” she whispered.

“Very good.  If you use your safe word, I will stop whatever I’m doing, no questions asked, but remember this—” He tightened his grip on her, not enough to actually hurt, but enough to get her full attention. His next point was important. “Your safe word’s not a word you throw around when you’re a little uncomfortable. Aside from severely pissing me off and interfering with my ability to read you properly, you’re never going to get a good evaluation of your own sexual threshold. You’ll never know what really turns you on or turns you off unless you truly allow yourself to experience the lifestyle.”

More about Brandi Evans:

Brandi Evans was raised by a caravan of traveling Gypsies. She spent her days learning the ways of her people and her nights lost in legends as old as time. Okay, not really, but that's way more interesting than the truth!

In reality, Brandi grew up the oldest child of an ordinary family. Grade school, middle school, high school. Nothing extraordinary happened until she left the nest. She joined the military, went to college, got married, and became a mom. And somewhere along the way, she discovered she liked to read—and write!—stories hot enough to melt eReaders.

Connect with Brandi Evans:

Email: brandi@brandievansauthor.com

Blog: http://brandievansauthor.blogspot.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brandi-Evans/674481219297772?ref_type=bookmark

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/eScaNr

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/brandievans1/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/brandi_evans

Instagram: http://instagram.com/brandievansauthor

Tumblr: http://brandievansauthor.tumblr.com/

An interview with Brandie Evans:

What is your writing environment?

Silence. My ADHD requires it. At the very least, there can’t be any words being spoken, so TVs and crowds are out. I can listen to classical music or music in a foreign language, but words I understand distract me. Like seriously. ;-)

Oh, and there are lots and lots of Starbucks cups scattered around me. My Muse thrives on cinnamon dulche lattes, often with extra shots of espresso. All I know is if I don’t strike it rich sometime soon, my Muse may bankrupt me.

What is your writing process?

Feeling my characters. As in going deep into their thoughts and practically becoming them. Understanding them. As a result, my stories are very internal, which I like. On the flip side of things, however, becoming my characters often leaves me feeling emotionally spent.

What is your favorite scene in your new release?

Hands down Vivian’s first bondage scene. *fans self* The anticipation, the vulnerability…the massive amount of orgasms she has before her Dom, Brock, takes mercy on her. What isn’t to like?

What are you working on now and when can we expect it to be available?

The next story in my Restrained Fantasies series. I’m tentatively calling it Reading His Sub, and it features Dom detective Carter Burkes and sexy, curvy bartender Raven. I’m also working on a cowboy ménage featuring two half brothers and the cowgirl they both want. Plus, I’ve gotten right back on some of my older stories, so I’ll have those going soon.

What is one interesting fact about you that readers don’t know?

I’m painfully shy and socially awkward. Very much so. Being online, however, is much easier for me. I guess it’s that buffer of anonymity that allows me to be myself, and it keeps that nagging voice in the back of my head in check so I can relax.