Guest appearances

Guest spot with Jane Henry Author

Thank you to the generous Jane Henry for inviting me to her blog today.

Jane is the mother of small children who manages to blog, write and participate actively in a wide social media circle. I’m grateful that she made time for me in her busy life.

#SatSpanks - she was falling in love but could she fall into line?

This is my first foray into the fun world of the Saturday Spankings blog hop.

I hope I’m doing it right!

Following is an excerpt from my first novel Simon Says from Blushing Books. It features bossy billionaire Simon and his feisty girlfriend, Sadie. He has just given her a gift:

Inside was a black and gold box from Mason Pearson. Hair Brush. Two separate words for hairbrush, in the old-fashioned style. Inside that, like undoing Russian dolls, was a red flannel bag. It held a wooden-handled brush and a small, black-bristled cleaning tool. I ran the brush through my hair and my scalp tingled from the massage. Then I slapped the back of the brush against the palm of my hand. Ouch. The damn thing stung.

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