His Captive Pet

His Captive Pet by Measha Stone

His Captive Pet is the third book in Measha Stone’s Owned and Protected series. It sounds hot!


Aubree Stevenson isn’t used to being ordered around, but then her efforts to bring down a dog fighting ring put her life in danger and she ends up in the protective custody of a stern, handsome former Marine.

Blake Turner is not a man to be trifled with, and he wastes no time in making it clear that Aubree will obey him or be punished. After she puts his word to the test, Aubree’s bottom is bared for a painful, embarrassing strapping, and when she continues to defy her strict captor, she quickly discovers that he is prepared to take things much further. Soon enough, she finds herself stripped naked, outfitted with a collar and tail, and eating from Blake’s hand like a well-trained pet.

To her dismay, Aubree’s arousal grows more intense with every shameful display of forced submission. But even as he masters her body and claims her in every way, Blake must keep his captive pet safe from both her enemies and her own recklessness. Will he prove up to the task?

Disclaimer: His Captive Pet contains elements of BDSM, including the discipline of adult women, along with sexually explicit scenes. If this is not to your taste, please do not buy this book.

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“Guess it’s the hard way. I have to say, I’m not too disappointed about it.”

He lifted off her back just enough to get both hands in front of her to unbuckle the collar and slip it around her throat. She bucked and kicked and tried to wiggle her head away from him, but he had more skills in trapping her than she could have imagined.

His cock pushed against her ass through his jeans. Hard. Beyond hard.

The leather pushed against her throat, cutting off enough air to make her wiggle harder against him.

“Shhh. You can breathe, calm down.” His finger slipped between the leather and her neck. “See, you can breathe.”

She took a slow breath. Air came easily with the buckle latched.

“This shirt has to go.” Another tear, right down the middle of her back. She used the opportunity of him standing up to bolt out from under him.

His booted foot kicked her, catching her in the thigh and sending her sprawling into the dirt patch off the side of the patio. Rocks cut into her hands as she scrambled to get up, but he grabbed her hair, fisting it effortlessly and keeping her on her knees. Her shirt, torn in half down the back, hung from her arms, barely covering her naked breasts.

It only took a flick of his wrist to remove it and toss it aside. The leash snapped onto the collar while she clawed at his hands.

Pulling on the leash, he dragged her to her feet, pressing his face against hers once she stood to her full height.

“I’m not struggling with you anymore, Aubree. You will learn obedience. And your training starts now.” His lips pressed hard against hers. Possession in a kiss. She shoved at his shoulders, but even she could feel her lips soften beneath his. When his tongue trailed across her bottom lip, she opened for him.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she promised herself she’d fight him off; she’d bite him if his kiss deepened. Except when his tongue entered, caressing her own, she only moaned.

His hand still wrapped in her hair, pulled her away from him. Her breath puffed out from her lips as though she’d just run up the hill again.

“Open your mouth, Aubree,” he ordered, glaring down at her with narrowed eyes. There was no hesitancy in his expression. He gave her orders, and he expected them obeyed. She had an idea of what he planned to do; she’d seen that thing in his hand when he’d walked up to her and Devin.

Having the leash on would be hard to take, but she could manage it until he calmed down enough to see reason again. But that thing, that fucking thing was not happening.

“Obey or be punished.” His hand cupped her cheeks, squeezing until she had to spread her jaw enough to release some of the pressure.

“I won’t do it,” she said with her teeth gritted.

“You will.” A promise. Not a thread of doubt in his voice. “Because if you don’t, you’ll crawl the whole way back to the cabin. I’m letting you use your feet… for now… but if you fight me, you’ll be on your hands and knees. I don’t care how cut up you get doing it. I’ll clean you up and make you do it again.”

He would. He’d make her crawl through the rocks and grass, and he wouldn’t relent. Something darker lurked inside Blake, something that should terrify her, but instead pulled her to him. The little spark of danger she’d felt from him at the bar ignited before her.

“Open. Your. Mouth.” He squeezed her cheeks harder, and she let out several huffs of air from her nose.

A tear slipped out the corner of her eye. She fought to keep control, to not give in, but in the end, she did. She opened her mouth, sucking in a breath and watching his face relax.

“There’s a good girl.” His lips stretched into a wide smile, and he held up the damn plug so she could see it. A tail. The man held a butt plug with a silicone doggy tail attached.

He shoved the glass plug into her mouth, rolling it around on her tongue. The plug pushed further down, gagging her.

“I didn’t have time to find the lube, so let’s hope you’re wet enough for this.” He yanked the plug out of her mouth, letting her gulp in a breath of air before he pulled her back to the patio table and shoved her back over the edge.

He kicked at her calves until she spread her legs. God help her, she wasn’t even fighting him.

Rough, thick fingers slid through her sex. He chuckled. “Yep, I’d say you’re wet enough.”

She clenched hard. Useless, she knew, but she had to try. She needed to find some resemblance of her spine. She couldn’t let him go on with her giving in too easily.

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