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Black Light Exposed by Jennifer Bene

Jennifer Bene is back today with her book, Black Light: Exposed, a suspenseful sexy – standalone – book (#2) in the Black Light series. This book has a 4.9 star rating based on 28 reviews – that’s hot!

Genre: BDSM, romance, mystery. Adults only.


Maddie O’Neill has always wanted to be a reporter, but after two years in Washington, D.C. working at a daily coupon paper, she can feel her dreams slipping through her fingers. Suddenly, with a single phone call from a friend at The Washington Post, everything changes. They have an open position, and he wants her to have it.

There’s just one problem – he wants a story first, and she has one chance to impress him.

With the deadline for the job fast approaching, Maddie finds herself spending her nights inside Runway, investigating why the elite of the nation’s capitol are showing up at the hottest new club in the city. None of it makes sense until she stumbles upon a secret buried beneath its floors, and walks right into the arms of Thomas Hathaway. Gorgeous and dominant, with a sinful smile, he is more than willing to show the feisty redhead just how he likes to play inside the exclusive BDSM club, Black Light.

Now Maddie is trapped in a web of lies, getting tied up in ropes by one of the hottest congressmen in the House, and as she sinks deeper into this world of pain and pleasure she knows she will have to make a tough choice before time runs out. But will she follow her dreams or her heart?

Disclaimer: Black Light Exposed contains spankings, bondage and discipline and other sexual activities. These are fantasies only, intended for adults. Strong stuff but worth it. If such subjects offend you, please do not buy this book.

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 “I’ve got some questions for you, Maddie.” He stood, withdrawing his touch as he walked around the chair to where she couldn’t see him.

“Questions?” she asked. Wasn’t she supposed to be asking the questions?

“Yes.” Thomas’ voice was a low rumble behind her, and then the sharp sting of a spank landed on her ass. It shocked her more than it hurt, but she still gasped loudly and pulled against the rope. “Keep your heels on the floor, beautiful, and listen to me.”

“Okay.” She nodded and then another swat landed, a little harder. “I mean, yes, sir!”

“That’s a good girl.” He had a smile in his voice. “Let’s get you warmed up.” He began to spank her, sharp stings followed by warm heat that bloomed over her skin. Never truly painful, but always a shock that made her push up onto her toes before she forced her heels to press back into the carpet.

The three-inch lift from her shoes seemed to have her ass at the perfect height for him to pepper every inch of her skin, and he did. Starting out slow, with a breath or two between each smack, but then they grew faster. More intense, until the stings started to overlay one another and she knew she was squirming, tugging against the rope that slid like silk across her wrists without giving an inch. Murmuring incoherent pleas that she bit down on, because she knew he was being gentle, that the teasing burn he was building was nothing more than that – a tease.

Because she’d had spanks like this before, and she wanted to know what came next.

“There.” He stopped, running his hand over the warm skin of her ass, and she could feel the low heat in it as he squeezed. “So beautiful… all pink and ready to play. Are you ready, Maddie?”

The bravery came from some dark, hungry place inside her, but she nodded and pushed her voice to give more than a whisper. “Yes, sir.”

“Alright, now tell me the truth. Were you invited here tonight?”

“Yes, sir.” A hard spank landed on her right cheek, and she cried out as the shock made her gasp. “What the –”

“Want to try that again? Remember, honesty is important.” His hand brushed over the place he’d just struck, and she shivered. “Were you invited here tonight, Maddie?”

“Yes, sir.” She lied again, and this time the swat to her other cheek was even sharper. It was a burst of fiery sting that made her bounce her hips trying to settle it, and if her hands hadn’t been bound she would have reached back to soothe the skin.

Thomas leaned over her back, the brush of his shirt across her ribs making her shiver. “See, I don’t think that’s true, beautiful. It’s in the rules that any member bringing a guest has to be present. So, either your friend broke the rules and didn’t meet you, or you heard about this place from someone who should not have been talking about it and you tried to come in on your own.” He pressed an all-too-gentle kiss to her ribs, and she drew in a shuddering breath as her nerves ramped up. “And I sincerely doubt that anyone would invite you and then not be here to play with someone so impeccably beautiful. So… which is it?”

Shit. Shit. Shit.

“Maddie?” His voice had that edge in it again, that chastising tone that made her want to apologize for things she couldn’t possibly admit.

“You’re right, I, um, I heard about it, but I can’t tell you their name. It’s my fault, not theirs… sir.” Another lie, but this was one she hoped he’d believe.

“So, you planned to just come in here and… what? Offer yourself to the first Dom that wanted to play?” He delivered a hard spank to the place where her ass met her thighs and it hurt even more, forcing her up onto her toes before she dropped her heels again.

She nodded, agreeing to the lie. “Yes! Yes, sir. I just wanted to see it.”

Thomas laughed low, standing up behind her. Another hard swat, but she gritted her teeth to stifle the whine. “You’ve been a very naughty girl, Maddie… and while I’m very glad I was the one to find you, I don’t like it when subs lie to me, and I like it even less when they put themselves at risk. Anyone could have offered to let you in.”

“I’m sorry, sir.” Not a lie. Guilt surged inside her, and she felt bad for continuing to lie, but there was no way out now. She was in, she’d already seen one senator embroiled in this devious little underground sex club, and where there was one – there had to be more. A whole new, exciting layer to the Jaxson Davidson scandal.

It had front page written all over it.

Suddenly, Thomas slipped his hand between her thighs, cupping the evidence of her arousal as he applied the barest hint of pressure to her clit. The shock of it pulled the brake on her thoughts, shifting gears to the thrumming heat inside her, the pulse of desire that beckoned her ever closer to the darkness all around her. Maddie pushed her hips forward, seeking a little more, and she knew that the story wasn’t the only reason she was bent over this chair. No, she’d let him tie her down because some piece of her wanted this, wanted more than what she knew, and he seemed more than willing to give it to her. “Please, sir…”

“Please what?” he asked, his hand staying still against the damp fabric of her underwear as she rocked more urgently against his touch.

“Please touch me!” It was begging, something she would have never have imagined herself capable of, but her mind was spinning out of her control, and her nerves were a network of need that she knew instinctively Thomas Hathaway could satisfy.

“Oh, no. Not yet.” He pulled his hand away and she actually whined, twisting against the rope and shifting her weight from heel to heel in a miniature fit. The dark tone in his voice instantly quieted her, “You know the deal, Maddie. Naughty girls don’t get rewards, they get punished. Then, if they’re very, very good, they get a reward.”

More about Jennifer Bene:

Jennifer Bene is a best-selling author of erotic fiction who loves wine, hiking, whiskey, and keyboards – not necessarily in that order. She’s been writing for years, but it’s always been the dark stuff that makes her tingly, so her books are full of aggressive alpha males and Doms, feisty women who may or may not have a submissive streak, and intense, psychological storylines. Whether it’s showing up in erotica, paranormal romance, ménage, or anything else she decides to venture into, it’s always a little dark. But, don’t worry, she also insists on having a nice little happily-ever-after! After all, without the dark, we’d never notice the light, now would we?

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A Sleeping Beauty story by Alta Hensley

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But not today. Today the ash falls from the sky casting a thick layer of darkness and despair. The powerful Maleficent army is marching through the destroyed land collecting all the young women to add to his collection of sleeping beauties. There is no escape. There is nowhere to run.

Briar Rose has one choice. Submit or die. But when she meets her trainer, a sadistic and damaged man named Prince, she soon realizes that her choices are not so black and white.

In a world cast in an apocalyptic nightmare, is it possible for one woman to find her happily ever after?


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A Goldilocks story by Maren Smith

She is an independent career woman with a penchant for the seamy underside of life. Her name is Goldi, and Goldi has always walked her own road. Including the road that led to her latest job. Breaking into that house was every bit as easy as she’d been led to believe. What it wasn’t, was empty and shifters (particularly were-bears) were not known to be forgiving. Now, trapped in the terrifying dark of their basement dungeon, Goldi knows she’s in for a long night of carefully exacted revenge. What she doesn’t know is which might be worse: the inevitable pain as they work in tandem to break her down… or the incredible pleasure that pain brings.

Disclaimer: This book is intended for adults only. Spankings and other sexual activities represented in the book are fantasies only, intended for adults only. Nothing in this book should be interpreted by Blushing Books’ or the authors’ advocating any non-consensual spanking or other sexual activity or the spanking of minors.

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ZOE BLAKE is an USA Today Bestselling author of historical erotic romance. Her new Ride Hard series in Western romance is filled with action, suspense and of course dominant cowboys and the feisty women they love.

ALTA HENSLEY is an USA Today Bestselling erotic romance author who has had #1 top-selling books in Dark, contemporary, BDSM, erotic science fiction, humor, and historical. She writes the naughty... and then the cure for it.

MAGGIE RYAN is an USA Today and International Bestselling author, Maggie Ryan, loves to create worlds where strong women acknowledge their desire to submit and alpha males accept this incredible gift guiding their partners as they walk along the razor's edge between pain and pleasure.

TABITHA BLACK is an USA Today Bestselling author who has been writing spanking and BDSM erotica for over a decade, and has no intention of giving it up any time soon.?

JENNIFER BENE is a bestselling author of dark and devious erotica, paranormal romance, and other fun, kinky books. She loves wine, whiskey, BDSM, and keyboards - just not necessarily in that order.

ADDISON CAIN is the author of the bestselling Alpha’s Claim series. She has a penchant for dark themes and unrepentant lust. Heroes are villains, wrong is right, and concepts of obsession color her tales beyond simple black and white. 

MAREN SMITH is an USA Today Bestselling author with more than 20 years' worth of books in print. She is well known for both her slightly twisted sense of humor and her unhealthy love affair with coffee. 


Early Sins by Jennifer Bene

Jennifer Bene is a best-selling author of erotic fiction who loves wine, hiking, whiskey, and keyboards - not necessarily in that order. You can learn more about Jennifer at the end of the blogpost. In the meantime, let’s look at her book, Early Sins (Dangerous Games, Book 0)

There are some things in life that only a bullet will fix.


Before Camille Devereaux knew how to kill, before she could even hold a gun – she was a tortured girl with a dark past and only one purpose in life. To destroy the men who had taken her.

When she walked into his world Smith wasn't sure what to expect from the tiny, blonde waif - but it definitely wasn't the sharp-tongued anger eating her alive. Determined, beautiful, and destined for catastrophe if he doesn't intervene - Smith takes her in.

As he guides her deeper and deeper into a world of brutal training, bullets, and blood she discovers that this gun-toting, male model gorgeous, guardian angel of death might just be her only hope at vengeance. But their constant companionship is more than professional, and the tension between them is growing as fast as her skill, and there's only so much Smith can do to ignore his own feelings as Camille ticks off the names on her list one by one.

Discover the dark history that started the world of 'Dangerous Games' in this exciting, sexy, action-packed, erotic thriller that will keep you turning pages to find out what happens next!

Disclaimer: Early Sins is intended for mature readers. 18 and over only!

Early Sins is a sensuous romance which includes explicit sexual situations and spanking. If such content might offend you, please do not read this book.

Buylink: - Amazon

Free on Kindle Unlimited


With a low rumble in his chest he kicked his boxers off and climbed onto the bed, his knees pushing hers wide, and he held her hands to the bed over her head. “Keep these here. No matter what.”


“Shh. No questions.” Sitting up between her legs she had trouble focusing on what he was doing because his rigid cock stood up from his hips, begging her to taste him, or draw him inside her – but instead, he wiped a chocolate covered finger across one nipple and then the other.

“The fuck?” She opened her mouth to ask him what he was doing, but he slipped two fingers between her lips, silencing her with the sinful taste of chocolate on her tongue. As she rested back against the bed, keeping her hands where he’d placed them, his mouth surrounded one nipple and drew on it. Camille moaned against his fingers, but he teased her further, flicking his tongue against the tight bud as his hips rested between her thighs, his cock brushing against her baiting her further towards an orgasm that he seemed committed to withhold for now. “Mmthh!” she begged around his fingers, and he switched to the other nipple as he adjusted his hand to grasp her by the neck, keeping her laid back as he licked the chocolate from her.

“Do you know what it’s been like watching all these men drool over you in that damn sundress all day?” His lips returned to her nipple as soon as he’d spoken and her back arched under him.

“You fucking love that dress!” A whimper escaped her as he bit down lightly, before teasing her once more, his hips shifting against her in a mockery of what she really wanted.

“I do. Seeing other men enjoy it makes me feel a little…” Smith leaned up and captured her lips, his hand moving into her hair to hold her to the bed as his tongue clashed with hers – a swirl of chocolate and sex and need. “Possessive.”

“Then take me,” she growled back, and he captured her lips again, his thighs spreading hers further, and then his cock brushed against her.

More about Jennifer Bene:

Jennifer Bene has been writing for years, but it's always been the dark stuff that makes her tingly, so her books are full of aggressive alpha males and Doms, feisty women who may or may not have a submissive streak, and intense, psychological storylines. Whether it's showing up in erotica, paranormal romance, ménage, or anything else she decides to venture into, it's always a little dark. But, don't worry, she also insists on having a nice little happily-ever-after! After all, without the dark, we'd never notice the light, now would we?