West Coast

#SatSpanks - Career development

It’s going to be a sunny, warm weekend here on the West Coast. Just like it was the weekend when Del arrived to offer Ronnie a very sweet business deal. Too bad she had to be so surly about it all. Too bad for her.  (NC-17)

An excerpt from Seeing Ronnie (Romancing the Coast, book 1):

“A reputation for profanity or bad temper will hurt your career […]. However, being as those habits seem to be your main defenses for keeping the world at bay, I’m here to help you be the best woman you possibly can.”

“Oh for fu… heaven’s sake can we skip the lecture and get this over with?”

Del responded by taking her arm and spinning her away from him. He raised her skirt with his right hand and held it up with his left. Then he smacked each bottom cheek hard.

“For a smart woman, you make some bad choices. Go. Stand in the corner.”

He pointed to the empty spot near the window. “Put your hands on your head and don’t move until I say so.”

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