Head of the house

Work in progress - Winning Sadie

The draft of my second novel, a sequel to Simon Says, is almost finished. At the end of book one, Simon has proposed and Sadie has accepted. The engagement party is barely over when Sadie tells Simon she doesn't think she can marry him. She's looking for reassurance, of course, and Simon knows just the way to win her back.


Research anyone?

Whenever I’m writing my domestic discipline stories, I find it helps to look at pictures of what I’m trying to describe. Here are two photos that I found in Tumblr posted by GiraffeDogCat. They illustrate what is happening now in scenes in book 2 of the Simon Says series.

At one point, Simon has trapped Sadie’s legs with his right leg. I imagine her bottom looks just like this when his hand lands.


The other photo shows what I think might be a view from under the table in a subsequent scene.

Of course I’m doing lots of other ‘hands on’ research but I won’t say whose hands are where.