Saturday Spankings - Calling the Shots

Thank you for visiting my website and reading this short excerpt from novel Winning Sadie, published by Blushing Books.

Now that Sadie has accepted the punishment spankings as part of her relationship with Simon, she has asked him if he might sometimes spank simply for the erotic pleasure of it. He has agreed and once again she’s over his knee. What he says next takes her by surprise:

“So you’ve decided you’re going to call the shots now? Like when and I how I should spank you?”

“No!” I gasped. […] “I just thought we might try something different.”

“What about this? Is this different?” He rubbed one buttock cheek then the other.

“A bit. Not entirely.”

“This?” He pushed my thighs open.

Winning Sadie is book two in the Simon in Charge series but can be read as a standalone novel.

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Book one, Simon Says, is available for free on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time. Or it may be purchased from Amazon for an amazing 99¢

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