A Lie Unraveled by Constance Masters

Constance Masters is back with her latest release, A Lie Unraveled , from Blushing Books.


Destiny Bridges moves back to her old family home with her nine-year-old daughter Sophia. Sophia doesn’t fit in at school and Destiny pulls her out, deciding to homeschool the wayward child. Her world spins on it’s axis though when she opens the door to find the new principal and Sophia’s secret daddy standing there. He tells her in no uncertain terms that she needs to properly sort out the homeschooling or get her daughter back to school.

Justin Alexander moves back to the same home town with his daughter Lily-Grace. He has raised his sweet daughter by himself since his wife’s death more than five years earlier. He comes back home to be closer to his mother and to take up the new position of principal at Benton East Elementary. When Justin does some digging to find out why Sophia has had so much trouble fitting in at school, he uncovers what seems to be a huge lie. When he finds out that Destiny has kept his daughter from him for years, he is furious and he wastes no time in exacting that revenge on Destiny’s behind.

Can two estranged lovers reconnect and blend their families into one? Probably not without some order that Justin is determined to bring to their lives.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women. Strong stuff but worth it. If this offends you, please do not purchase this book.

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“Yes, I guess you would. So you really don’t think there’s a father?”

“Obviously there’s a father, just not one who’s in the picture. The general consensus is that Destiny got pregnant in the summer after high school,” she said. “Destiny hadn’t been back here for years and then when her parents died and she inherited the house and quite a bit of money I’m told, then she moved back, with Sophia.”

Justin’s ears started to ring and he felt like he was having trouble breathing.

“Are you okay?” Candice asked, her face etched with worry.

 “I’m fine,” he said. “Dry throat, I just need a mint.” He clicked open the tin and offered her one before popping one in his own mouth. Justin needed the distraction, he wasn’t fine, he was about to have a heart attack. No, he wasn’t about to have a heart attack— maybe a stroke? He could not feel anything but the pounding in his head. Was there really a chance that Sophia was his child? Why would Destiny lie to him like that? It didn’t make sense. “Thank you, Candace, you’ve been a great help,” Justin managed to get out. “I think I can take it from here.” He had no idea where he was going to take this. There was a possibility that he’d had another daughter for the last nine years. Nine years? What had Destiny been thinking to keep this from him? If, in fact, she had kept this from him. Things weren’t always what they seemed. Maybe she was hiding out from the father or too embarrassed to say that she had been left on her own to raise a child. If nothing else though, they had once been in a relationship. She should trust him enough with the truth. The only reason he could think of that she wouldn’t trust him was if Sophia was in fact his child. It was the only scenario that made sense in a nonsensical way. Whichever way he looked at this Destiny was hiding something big. He needed to get to the bottom of this and the only way to do that was to get back over to her house and demand some answers. If Destiny had kept his child from him, her worry won’t be trouble from the state about the homeschooling; homeschooling would be totally out. There would be trouble coming to a certain young mom and it would come from him in the way of a spanking to end all spankings.

More about Constance Masters:

Constance Masters is a wife, mother, grandmother, friend and author.

She writes romantic spanking fiction with the main emphasis on romance.

Constance has always been a sucker for reading romance and that reflects in her writing but she also likes to laugh. Her stories are full of love, laughter and family comedy. It's a lot like her life.

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