##SatSpanks Testing the Hardware

Sadie has just received a gift from Simon, a Mason Pearson hairbrush. Because there is company in the kitchen and she has not broken any of his rules for at least 12 hours, she doesn’t expect to taste its sting for a little while. Which shows how little she knows about him in the early days of their relationship. From my novel Simon Says:


"This spanking, like the one I left you with after the first night we spent together, is pre-emptive. A reminder not to need more drastic correction."

A wall of resistance rose up in me and I glared at him. But I undid my jeans.

He took my hand, led me to the counter, and bent me over it. 

"No! [They’ll] hear!"

"...The walls are solid concrete. No one will hear a thing. Unless you make too much noise. Now—hands."

I'd barely put my hands in the small of my back when he spanked me six times, hard and fast. Three swats on each cheek. The hairbrush burned and I bit my lip to stop from crying out.


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