Cassie's Road Trip by PK Corey

PK Corey, a return visitor to this blog, still lives in the small southern town where she was born. As a child, she spent most of her spare time, and quite a bit of time when she should have been doing schoolwork, either reading or making up stories. She was actually quite young when Cassie wandered into her head and began telling her story. She’d always been drawn to spanking stories, but needed a true love story with it. That’s how she sees Cassie and Tom – a true love story with spanking thrown in.

This time we are looking at Cassie’s Road Trip from Blushing Books.

I was reaching for his zipper when his hands clamped on my wrists like vises, I gasped at the suddenness.


There's a girls’ trip in the works. All the girls have planned and plotted for months. Everything must work out just right for them to be able to talk the guys into this trip. All is on track until Allie, of all people, lands in hot water. Cassie and Sue do their best to help her out and keep the hope of the trip alive too.

Behaving is always a struggle for Cassie. She does try but, unfortunately, there are situations–completely beyond her control, at least in her eyes, that keep landing her on the wrong side of Tom’s spanking hand. As Cassie continues to end up in trouble, there are some interesting new friends, maybe a little rougher than Tom would want her associating with, who want to help her too.

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I didn’t see any way out, but I felt like he’d almost made me mad on purpose. I went into the bedroom debating with myself whether or not to take my clothes off. He knows how much I hate doing that when I’m about to get a serious spanking. I lingered at the mirror, staring at myself and wondering for the hundredth time how I kept getting myself into predicaments like this. I don’t set out to get myself in trouble, why does it always happen?

Catching sight of the ivory brush in the mirror I glared at it with hatred. Then closing my eyes, I turned away and began undressing. When Tom came in I was sitting on the bed hugging a pillow. I was still mad and trying my best to keep quiet and not make things worse. I saw Tom’s eye soften just a bit when he saw I’d done as he asked. I suppose he’d had his doubts.

Nonetheless he headed to the dresser and picked up the brush. Before he turned our eyes met in the mirror, it seemed that they were locked. I don’t really know what my expression was, but I was drinking in his. Slowly, Tom laid the brush back on the dresser and turned to me.

Very deliberately his hands fell to his belt buckle, I felt a clinching sensation throughout my entire body. It was as if a switch had been thrown. I felt no anger, I simply felt like I was his. Watching Tom remove his belt does things to me I’ll never understand or be able to explain. There’s a tinge of fear, I can’t deny that, but it triggers a longing and lust that overwhelms every other feeling.