#SatSpanks - A thorn by any other name

Happy November! If you’re in the Pacific Northwest like I am, I hope you enjoyed this week’s blast of winter. Time to curl up in a comfy chair with some spicy romance. How about a sweet love story with a time travel twist?
In A Time For Will, Will Dawson has traveled to modern times from his home in 1885. On the now deserted ranch, he’s met Lissie Pettigrew and her younger sister Hope. At the moment they are sorting out the correct forms of addressing each other. Will, being from a bygone era, had expected they would call each other Miss Pettigrew and Mr. Dawson respectively. Lissie has persuaded Will that such formality would be jarring in the 21st century. He agrees to use first names.

Lissie smiled at his capitulation. “Will it is then. You may call me Lissie, short for Felicity. You can call Hope, Hope, short for pain in the ass.”

Will leaned over, took her chin with one hand and turned it toward him. “I may be your guest but my claim to this property goes back long before you came here. Therefore, I will be the master of this house and you and your sister will learn to mind me. I mentioned your language before and I do not want to have to mention it again.” He let her chin go and turned to make sure that Hope was listening. “I will not speak to either of you about coarse language again. If I hear either of your cursing, if either of you sass me, you will go over my knee for a quick correction. Do I make myself clear?”

“You do.” Lissie forked a piece of meat and brought it to her mouth without looking at him. Warm dampness blossomed between her thighs. Her body was betraying her, building a hunger that was totally wrong in the current situation. The self-loathing that followed it did nothing to extinguish the desire coursing faster and faster through her veins.

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