#SatSpanks - The first time

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My excerpt today is from, Seeing Ronnie (Romancing the Coast, book 1).

Ronnie Flynn is on Seguro Island with Del Franklin. He has just caught her snooping where he has forbidden her to go. She’s about to pay for her disobedience: (NC-17)

When she got back to where Del sat, her mouth dry and palms sweating, she fumbled her hat off and placed it on the chair by the fireplace. Her long red hair fell across her face, partly shielding the embarrassed blush coloring her cheeks.

“I’ve never been spanked before,” she said in a mouse-like voice and hated herself for her timidity. She stood before him, staring at her feet.

“Then you’re overdue, aren’t you?” Del took her hands in his. He brought one then the other to his lips before looking up at her and speaking again. “This will hurt but it won’t be anything you can’t bear.

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