#SatSpanks - A Matter of Choice

After an excruciating wait in the corner, Ronnie has finally received her spanking from Del for her foul language and surly manners. Let’s see how the session finishes:


Seeing Ronnie (Romancing the Coast, book 1):

Something deep inside her churned and changed at his touch. She sobbed from fear, helplessness, and a small touch of joy that someone cared enough to barge into her life and possess her this way.

At last Del laid the spoon back on the table and finished the session with a firm hand spanking, paying particular attention to the top of her thighs and the sit spot that was so sensitive. When he was finished, he nudged her legs apart.

“You’ve been a very good girl and taken your punishment well,” he said. […] “How would you like me to finish this? With my hands? My mouth? My cock?”

“Do I have to choose?” Ronnie asked between sobs.

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