#SatSpanks - Making it easy

Antony is going to spank Cynthia for the first time. She has agreed to the punishment but she hesitates when it come time to bare her bottom. Antony decides to help her:

He thought for a moment before standing. Turning her away from him, he flattened his hands on her stomach, fingers splayed as he pulled her against his hips. His mouth brushed her ear, his breath hot on her neck.

“Let me help you.” His voice was a coarse whisper.

Before she could answer, he was undoing the zipper of her jeans. He grabbed a handful of fabric at each thigh and with a single tug, pulled her jeans down to her knees. In a second sharp move, he dragged her panties down to the top of her jeans.

She covered her mouth with her hand. A deep, animal-like noise rose from her throat.

He dropped back into the chair. “That wasn’t so hard now, was it?”

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Ronnie Doyle (from Seeing Ronnie) interviews Antony Jacobson about his relationship with Cynthia in this exclusive blog post on the Blushing Books’ site: Holding Cynthia - blog. 

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