#SatSpanks - When is a choice not a choice?

Fall has arrived here in the northern hemisphere but in the world of Cynthia Donohue, it’s springtime. She’s just taken possession of her new home. The previous occupants have left it in a mess so Cynthia and her friend, Antony, have spent the whole day cleaning it. Cynthia has an underlying illness that has left her exhausted from this effort.

Antony takes her back to their B and B and bathes her himself, while feeding her strawberries and champagne. Then he leads her into the bedroom where he has laid out a new sleep T-shirt he bought that day. She likes to sleep in full pajamas. He prefers her in the nude. The sleep T-shirt is his concession to her preferences.

One small detail: the sleep T is emblazoned with the words no pants are the best pants.

Another excerpt from, Holding Cynthia, Romancing the Coast, book 2.

They when into the bedroom where the new sleep T was laid out on the bed. Cynthia stopped and frowned. “I’m not going to bed already. It’s only six o’clock.”

“You don’t have to go to bed yet but you have to be ready for bed.”

She read the t-shirt as Antony toweled her hair. “No pants? I don’t think so!”

“Don’t you?” He stopped rubbing the wetness off her scalp. “I’ll give you a choice then. You can wear the T-shirt without panties, with a white bum. Or you can wear it without panties, and a red bum. How much do you want to argue? The other guests might be amused by the sound of a naughty girl having her bottom warmed.”

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