Cajun Charmer

Cajun Charmer by Ruby Caine

I love the name of Ruby Caine’s latest book – Cajun Charmer. There’s a lot of heat in the restaurant called Katrina’s Aftermath and only some it is coming from the kitchen.

His little Cajun was a spitfire. Will he be able to tame her?

Blurb: Jenny is tired of being treated like a little sister; Jackson wants her to stop acting like a brat. Jenny didn’t see herself as hot tempered. The man she dumped hot gumbo on… and the one she pushed overboard didn’t agree. Of course, her boyfriend would take their side. Men!

Welcome to Katrina's Aftermath, a restaurant started after the disastrous hurricane, a symbol of the dedicated people of the region, who rebuilt after others predicted it could not be done.

Jenny Boudreaux's brother is co-owner of Katrina's Aftermath. Thanks to the interference of his partner, Jackson Duval, Jenny ends up working there to help support herself and 'stay out of trouble'. The feisty Cajun doesn't take crap from any man, be it a rude costumer, old boyfriend or armed police officer. Jackson finds himself having to extract her from one mess after another.

Having loved her for several years, Jackson finds himself getting tired of waiting for his little Cajun Charmer to grow up. His friend Everrett fills him in on the virtues of Domestic Discipline.  If Jackson has to take Jenny in hand, so be it.

How will Jenny react to someone not afraid of taking her on? More importantly, who can she turn to for advice when she finds herself dating a man who does not think twice about spanking her behind?

Publishers note: Cajun Charmer contains elements of spanking of adult women and sexual scenes.  If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase

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"I am pretty sure Jackson promised he would track me down today so he could beat me."

“Jackson would never beat you. You will survive a small spanking. I'm living proof. " Mary Elizabeth sighed, relieved her friend was not in any real danger, at least not the lasting kind. She understood the dread Jennifer was going through, but hiding would never solve her problems. It was better to face Jackson than to aggravate him even more. "I thought he spanked you last night, after the wedding."

Hands on her full hips, Jenny looked stunned. "You knew he was planning to beat me when he hauled me out of there last night? A little warning might have been nice!"

More about the author:

Ruby Caine is a writer who learned to overcome her struggles with dyslexia by reading countless romance novels. As a mother of four, her life is full of its own drama. She loves incorporating her crazy experiences in stories. Unfortunately, like her children, her characters have minds of their own and entertain her with their unexpected adventures. Caine and her family live in southern Louisiana, thirty minutes from New Orleans.

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Twitter: @RubyCainecajun

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