Conquered by the Commande

Conquered by the Commander by Pippa Greathouse and Ruby Caine

Just released! Conquered by the Commander in the enormously popular Conquered series by Pippa Greathouse and Ruby Caine is now on sale. 

Would her past be allowed to rob them both of their future?


Lillianna Collingwood is beautiful and graceful, but she is every bit as hot-headed as her hair is red. When she decides to marry Earl, the commander of the Arabella, she is completely unaware that his name is not really “Earl” at all. He is Lord Darby, the son of the Earl of Darbyshire. Elated, at first, she soon realizes she now has to learn to act the part of a lady. Having grown up in a convent orphanage from the time she was five, she’d learned to be wild. She excelled at cheating in cards and considered stealth as one of her best virtues. A lady? She’s not sure she can do it.

But Darby has a reason he hasn’t told her who he is. She’s entirely too concerned with titles, money, and things. He’s not only determined to teach her those things are not as important as character, but he’s also determined to teach her that her hot-headed behavior is not acceptable.

Lily tries, but she isn’t prepared when the past seems to come back to haunt her. Her past, her nightmares—everything seems to be against her when she arrives. Even Darby’s own mother refuses to accept her into the family, making her feel an outcast. Darby remains her rock, her anchor, but Lily is unable to make herself confide in him about the terrors that plague her night after night.

And Darby fears he is losing her. Can he save her before it’s too late?

Publisher's Disclaimer: Conquered by the Commander contains some graphic and disciplinary scenes. If these are offensive to you, please do not buy or read this book.

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An hour later, Lily realized she had yet to fret about the mill since the game started. Darby sat across from her, regarding his cards with a guarded expression. She gave him an innocent look before asking if he wanted any more cards. “Two,” he grumbled. “Did you notice, dear wife, that when you deal, the odds always appear to favor you? Cheaters pay a heavy price, Lillianna. You would do best to remember that when you hand me those next two cards.”

He watched carefully, scowling as she flicked two cards his way, but it was impossible to see from where in the deck she took them.

“Did you notice, my Lord,” she said, mimicking his exact tone, “how cranky and suspicious you become when you are losing at cards? Or is it the lack of clothes you’re currently wearing which is irritating you? I can give you back a piece of your clothing if you like.” A mischievous grin lit her eyes. “Perhaps your cummerbund will warm you a bit.”

Relaxing in her corset and shift, she still had her stockings and shoes on, whereas poor, unlucky Darby was down to his last vestige of dignity. Narrowing his eyes at her, he picked up his two cards and the briefest of smiles touched his lips before vanishing. She pretended not to notice as she regarded her own hand.

“Are you sure you wish to see this hand through to the end, my Lord?” Lily made a production of frowning at her own hand. “I have taken up enough of your time today. I’ll just pick up these cards and set the furniture back in place. You mother would be extremely displeased to know you sat upon her favorite chair wearing little more than the day you were born.”

His voice was a growl. “Lillianna?  You can return to your seat and finish this hand, or I will bare your arse, bend you over the arm of this damn chair and spank it bright red.”

Lily took her seat reluctantly, frowning at him. “It’s the cold leather on your bare legs making you cross, isn’t it, my Lord? Try not to stick to the seat, sir. Your mother will no doubt notice any sticky residue. And…” She looked up, with a sly smile. “As you have nothing else to raise the bid, perhaps I should fold.”

A smug expression crept into Darby’s eyes. “It’s too late for you to fold, Lillianna. It looks like your corset now belongs to me. I have three of a kind.”

“Impressive, my Lord, but…” She flipped over two cards bearing the same face. Then she slowly, one at a time, revealed two more cards, the only remaining members of the deck matching the first two. “I have two pairs.”

“Four of a kind?” He stood up, his legs leaving damp imprints in his wake before he leaned over the table to glare at her. “You little cheat.”

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More about the authors:

Pippa Greathouse has been writing since the fifth grade, after each student was given an assignment to read aloud a story to the class of her their writing.  One horrified teacher later and a class of students who thought the horror story was “cool,” and she was hooked.

Since then, the writing has continued. She now is an author for Blushing Books, and loves what she does. Her favorite genre is historical fiction romances, where men are “strong, Alpha men” and their feisty ladies who are in need of the discipline they are sure to provide. And historical fiction is perfect for that!

Ruby Caine

Ruby Caine, exclusive writer for Blushing Publication. Pippa Greathouse is one of her favorite historical authors, and when the opportunity to work up with Greathouse came up, Caine jumped at the choice. She and her family live near the Big Easy and her stories often take us through the historical setting which follows along the mighty Mississippi. Her Spirits of River Oaks series revolves around the powerful psychic Lenore, who often gets messages from those who have passed on from this world. Another series by Caine is called Katrina’s Aftermath, a group of four contemporary romances minus the paranormal theme. Rounding out books by Ruby Caine is a standalone called Making the Wright Connections, featuring a bratty signer tamed by a sexy cop.

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