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#SatSpanks - Seeing Ronnie - Busted!

Thank you for joining me and the other writers on the best blog hop around. Today’s excerpt is from my latest book, Seeing Ronnie which was released this past Wednesday.

Ronnie Flynn is on Seguro Island with Del Franklin. He has just caught her snooping through their hosts’ bedroom, taking photos with a phone she’s not supposed to have: (NC-17)

“You can give me the phone willingly or I’ll take it off you. Either way, I’m going to spank you, right here, right now, anyway.”

“Like hell you will.” Ronnie dropped her skirt and stared at the phone, as if she’d never seen it before. Then she lobbed it at Del, almost collecting his face with it. She was fast.

He was faster, catching it midair. “Brat! You’re going over my knee.’

Ronnie stood, slack jawed, shaking her head. “I don’t think so.”

“Let’s put it this way, you can take a spanking and we’ll draw a line under this incident.” He stepped closer to her. “Or I can march you downstairs, past all the guests, and we’ll show Simon how I just found you and what you had in your hand.”

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