Sweet Town Love

Sweet Town Love - an anthology

Sweet Town Love is a collection of a dozen wonderfully sweet love stories from USA Today and bestselling romance authors will warm your heart. Each book in this anthology will take you on a journey that reminds you how it feels to take the chance, and how sweet it is to fall in love with the one person who makes your heart flutter. Whether it’s a firefighter who enjoys cooking, a doctor who loves his family, a small town sheriff, a reunion between high school lovers, a second chance to make things right, a man determined to pull a woman from her survival guilt, a chemo-nurse who knows healing takes more than medicine, or a man determined to help a new neighbor feel welcome, every single tale will show these men loving and guiding the women they adore to their very own happy ever after. This is a perfect collection to curl up with… and celebrate the love in our lives.

Disclaimer: Sweet Town Love is intended for adults only. Spankings and other sexual activities represented in the book are fantasies only, intended for adults only. Nothing in this book should be interpreted by Blushing Books’ or the authors’ advocating any non-consensual spanking or other sexual activity or the spanking of minors.

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This 800 page collection includes novellas by:

Maggie Ryan

Stevie MacFarlane

Adrienne Blake

Misty Malone

Anna Kristell

Rayanna Jamison

Beth Bennet

Paige Parsons

Chula Stone

Alyssa Bailey

Georgia St Claire