#SatSpanks - the penalty for defiance

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My shiny new novel, Sadie Says I Do, (#3 in the Simon in Charge series) from Blushing Books is now available! Better still it’s on sale for a limited time for only $2.99.

You can read it as part of the series or as a standalone book.

Simon is still helping Sadie heed him more. So far, she seems to have a long learning curve:

“It seems that defiance needs to be spanked out of you and obviously I’m not doing a good enough job.”

He didn’t wait for an answer, just started again. Smack smack smack. Time stood still. Tears burned my eyes but didn’t flow. It wasn’t the worse he could do but in case he planned to escalate, I moaned and begged. “Please no more! Twenty-one. Ow! Please. Twenty-two.”

At twenty-five he stopped. “We will come back to this subject at some later date, I’m sure.”

Lying there, I gasped for breath as he rubbed my burning backside.

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