#SatSpanks - the Joy of Spanking

Simon and Sadie haven’t known each long but it feels like forever. He has marched into her life: one part tyrant, one part adoring, protective lover. Sadie enjoys him as a lover and is confident enough not to be overwhelmed by his strict rules.

Besides, the spankings aren’t all bad news.

An excerpt from Simon Says:

He smacked my bottom hard. I gasped.

"That was quarter strength. So far you haven't had a full strength spanking from me. Don't give me any attitude or you'll find out how seriously strong I am. Understood?"

"Yes." In spite of my better instincts, my tone was sulky.



"Do I need to repeat the message?"

“No, I think I've got it now."  


The spankings drained away all the frustration, stress, and annoyances of my life. They were like going for a long, breath-hold dive and staying down until my lungs almost burst. I rose from them exhausted and thrilled.