Winning Sadie - We're done talking.

Thank you for your interest in my book Winning Sadie from Blushing Books.

Today’s excerpt is from the chapter Paying the Piper. Sadie has known for three days that this reckoning was due. Waiting and worrying has been part of the punishment.


[Simon] crossed his hands in front of him and drummed his fingers on his elbows. “We’re done talking now. I think I’ll sit on the bed today.”

Sitting on the bed signaled a long session and I bleated with worry. “But I haven’t explained about Ronnie yet.”

“Has explaining anything ever stopped me from spanking you?”

“Never,” I said, not even bothering to keep the bitterness out of my voice.

“I don’t like that tone,” he said. “Get the hairbrush and stand by the bed and wait for me.”


Winning Sadie is book two in the Simon in Charge series but can be read as a standalone novel.


Book one, Simon Says, is available for free on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time. Or it may be purchased from Amazon for an amazing 99¢.