#SatSpanks - Are you really going to spank me?

Thank you for joining me and the other writers on the best blog hop around. Today’s excerpt is from my latest book, Seeing Ronnie:

Ronnie Flynn is on Seguro Island with Del Franklin. He has just smacked the back of her legs for swearing at him: (NC-17)

Del sensed that Ronnie felt guilty about the way she’d spoken to him. He’d seen it in the way she’d bowed her head when she asked what he was going to do about her language. Sure, she had challenged him, but she’d done so in a way that said come on, I dare you. What are you going to do? The unspoken words were: I misbehaved. Are you really going to spank me?

When she rubbed her bottom after he smacked her, it was more like a caress than a salve. She was up for more of the same and he’d be happy to give it to her. But, like taming any wild animal, he’d have to pace himself. She’d run away at first but eventually, he was certain, she’d come back to him.

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