#SatSpanks Trying harder

Happy holidays everyone! Welcome to my excerpt for the Saturday Spankings blog where naughty Sadie is about to pay her dues. This is from Sadie Says I Do.

As usual Sadie is full of sass. Simon has just listed her misbehaviors:

“Do you deserve to be spanked for these things?”

“Is there more than one acceptable answer to that question?” I forced a smile.

His mouth tightened. “Over you go.”

I draped myself across his knees and his left hand pressed down on my waist, holding me in position. His right hand ran up and down my thighs. He pushed my legs apart and found my wetness with exploring fingers.

He chuckled. “Someone’s ready for me. Too bad I can’t satisfy her just yet.”

He stroked the length of each thigh and I squeezed my legs tightly together again. “It’s amazing how many times I can spank this bottom in a day or a week and yet see no trace of it. Maybe I need to try harder? Give you a reminder that won’t disappear quite so quickly?”

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