#SatSpanks - Naked submission

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my shiny new novel, Sadie Says I Do, (Simon in Charge series book 3) It can be read as part of the series or as a standalone book.

In this scene, Sadie is about to be spanked for three major offences. She’s hoping to get off lightly by walking into his office naked but I don’t like her chances:

I hoped to disarm him just a little so I tiptoed into his office, the water from my shower still beading on my skin. When he looked up at me, his pupils dilated. I bit back a giggle of triumph and lowered my eyes so he couldn’t see the victory in them.

He pointed and I walked to the bedroom in front of him, dragging my feet ever so slightly. He sat in the armchair by the window. We were on the top floor of the tallest building around so no one could see in. Yet standing in front of that open door to the patio made shyness creep over me.

“Close it.” He nodded at the door with his uncanny way of knowing what was worrying me.

“And the curtains?” I asked hopefully.

“No. No one can see us but I don’t want anyone to hear the unmistakable sounds of a naughty girl having her bottom warmed.”

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