#SatSpanks - Are you kidding?

Hello erotic fiction readers! It’s so nice to be here again with a snippet from my new novel, Winning Sadie, part two in the Simon in Charge series. Like book one, Simon Says, this novel is told mostly in Sadie’s voice. However some readers felt they didn’t get to know Simon very well so some of Winning Sadie introduces Simon’s perspective.

Today’s excerpt takes place on April 1st. Sadie has been sent to the corner to contemplate an imminent spanking. She can’t remember having done anything wrong but she knows better than to disobey and she hasn’t clicked on what day it is:

I walked slowly to the corner, strangling little gulps of fear. He came up behind me, turned me around and kissed me before saying, “April Fool!”

I was so angry I shouted, “That is inhuman! Even for you.”

Then I shoved him so hard he fell back on the bed. In a single leap, he grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me to him. He flipped me over his knee and delivered five deafening smacks.

“Don’t you ever push me away again,” he said and spanked me a couple more times on each thigh to underscore the point.