#Sat Spanks - Facing the Music

Welcome to my Saturday Spankings blog where naughty women pay their dues. Today’s excerpt is from Sadie Says I Do. Sadie has just come home after a night out with the girls, celebrating her upcoming marriage. It’s the middle of winter and she’s carrying her shoes. She's three sheets to the wind.

Simon blew air from his lungs. “What were my final words at you left for the evening?”

“I don’t remember. That was hours ago.” […]

“I said, stay relatively sober.”

“I didn’t pass out, did I?” I reached for a face cloth. […]

Simon frowned. “Not passing out is hardly a measure of sobriety. But you’re in no condition to talk about this tonight. We’ll discuss it tomorrow.” […]

After I brushed my teeth, he made me sit on the edge of the bath. He ran a small pool of lukewarm water and washed my feet. When he washed them the night before, his touch had been sensual and provocative. Tonight it was loving and protective, slightly paternal. I kissed the top of his head. “I love you,” I said.

He looked at me with tired eyes. “I love you too, even when you act as irresponsibly as a child and need a sound spanking.”

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