#SatSpanks - Anticipation

Another Saturday and another Saturday Spankings blog hop – thanks for joining us! Today’s excerpt is from Sadie Says I Do where Sadie has been left alone in Simon’s office, bent over his desk, while he answers the door.

Silence descended on the house and I rested my forehead on the back of my hands and stretched my legs quickly. Knowing that Simon walked as silently as a cat in his deerskin moccasins I didn’t dare break my position for any longer. I tried to calculate how long it took to walk from the front door to the office. Surely he should be back by now. I strained my ears and caught a faraway murmur of conversation but it quickly disappeared. The concrete walls made effective soundproofing.

Other than those few short moves, I stayed in position, not wanting to challenge Simon with further disobedience. I recited poetry in my head, tried to remember my favorite movie plots, thought of the recipes we were making for the family dinner the next night. I tried to think of anything other than the hiding I was about to get but nothing worked. Caught in the dark limbo of waiting for a spanking, my thoughts kept coming back to the roasting I had earned.

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