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NEW RELEASE - A Time For Will - by Libby Campbell

My first ever time travel romance, A Time For Will, is now available from Amazon. Feast your eyes on this lovely cover from Blushing Books:

The story goes like this:

Identical twins, Verity and Felicity (Lissie) Pettigrew inherit an abandoned farm in the remote hills of the Methow Valley. Little do the twins know, but their windfall harbors a secret. While exploring the old barn, Verity stumbles into a hidden portal and is instantly transported more than one hundred years into the past.

In 1885, on the same farm, Will Dawson is saddling his horse when a disturbance in a corner of the barn catches his attention. In his haste to rescue the gorgeous woman in the center of the disturbance, Will is flung far into the future.

Meanwhile, Lissie arrives on the farm looking for Verity, but finds the handsome, slightly suspicious cowboy instead. From their first words to one another, sparks fly.

Lissie’s modern manners and profane language offend Will. His solution? Some old-fashioned discipline delivered on the spot.

Affronted by Will’s distinctly un-twenty-first century approach to male/female relationships, Lissie challenges his authority at every turn in spite of nearly always ending up over his knee.

Meanwhile, Verity must deal with life in 1885. Although accepted into Will’s family, she longs to get back to the 21st century and the man she loves.

Can Will live in a future in which progress comes at the price of everything he holds dear? Can Lissie win him over, and teach him that women can be independent and willful but still soft and sexy? Will Verity find her way back to the man she loves?

Publishers note: This stand alone love story includes scenes of domestic discipline and spicy romance.

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#SatSpanks - Wrong bet

Things are heating up in  Holding Cynthia, Romancing the Coast, book 2.

Antony has just asked Cynthia to marry him. Unfortunately he’s in another city and the proposal has been made by phone. Not the most romantic proposal ever.

Cynthia is taken by surprise:

“This just wasn’t what I was expecting so soon. I wasn’t really expecting anything. I’m trying to imagine myself telling Sadie. Telling my best friend Cherie. They aren’t going to believe it. Not by a mile.”

“Does that matter?”

“No. They have their lives. I have mine. I just have to think about it. I mean my immediate response is yes of course I will marry you.”

“Even though you know I will spank you when you misbehave?”

“Maybe we can negotiate that condition.”

“Or maybe we can’t. Now you need to answer one more question: who will be the head of our household?”

“I will?”

“You have to count of five to reconsider.”

The sternness of his tone turned Cynthia’s stomach to water. She said nothing. She loved him when he was tough.

“One,” he said.

“I’m thinking about it.”



“Five. You’ve now added five more strokes to your spanking when I get back there. Do you want to try for ten?”

“Okay! You will be the head of our household. Geez. What happened to numbers two and four?”

“I didn’t say I was going to count by one’s. You shouldn’t gamble like that.”

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