A Prairie Promise

#SatSpanks - Sweet submission

Welcome to my Saturday Spankings blog where naughty women pay their dues. Today’s excerpt is from Sadie Says I Do. It’s the start of the nightly spankings Simon has promised Sadie.

Simon sat in the big armchair in the window, waiting for Sadie to present herself. She’d looked at him shyly as she headed for a bath and that soft submissive glance had made his cock harden. He loved it when her natural impudence was stilled temporarily by the anticipation of a spanking.


When at last she peeked out from the ensuite, he put down the computer and arranged his legs, ready for her.

“Come,” he said. “But leave the nightie on. I like the way it doesn’t cover you much at all.”

Sadie blushed and crawled over his knees. He lifted the short hem of the nightie, pleased to find she wasn’t wearing as much as a G-string underneath it. When she was compliant without being told, his lust for her spiked.

“Good girl,” he said, with a sigh of appreciation, rubbing her soft white skin.

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A Prairie Promise by Libby Campbell (that's me!)

Who does like a free read? Tomorrow, for one day only, my novella A Prairie Promise will be available as a free download from Blushing Books. Check the website after noon EST for more details.


Blurb: Surfer Kylie Sandford has always spent Christmas around someone's pool or on the beach in her native Australia. When she spends Christmas in Canada, her handsome next door neighbor, Will Reimer, becomes a self-appointed guardian and guide to the frozen white north. When Kyle flaunts his rules, she finds a white Christmas comes with a red bottom.

Saturday Spankings - A Prairie Promise

Happy holidays! Christmas is my favorite time of year so I’m thrilled that my short story, A Prairie Promise, will be included in Blushing Books’ holiday anthology this year. Learn how you can read all the short stories for free at the end of this blog post.

A Prairie Promise features Aussie surfer, Kylie Sandford, who is house sitting her aunt’s home on the frozen Canadian prairie. Before she arrived in Edmonton Kylie had never seen snow in real life. Next door neighbor, Will, has been urging her to be more careful when she goes for a run in the bitterly cold weather. So far, she seems to be a very slow learner:

She spun on her toes to walk away. Before she took one step, he smacked her bottom. Hard.

“Ouch!” she said, staring back at him wide-eyed.

“A taste of things to come.” Will grinned. “Because so far you seem to be ignoring my advice. I’m not talking to exercise my vocal chords so the next time you forget, I will take great pleasure in turning your cheeks a nice Christmas red.”

Kylie had no answer for that. Struggling to steady her heart rate, she walked quickly back to her house hoping he didn’t see the blush crawling over her body.

To see the images that inspired this story, you can look at my Prairie Promise board in Pinterest.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons: Christmas at Kingsway Mall Edmonton by Kaz Andrew.

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